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Located on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River is a 911 memorial honoring those who perished and specifically five Weekhawken residents. Peter Champoux says the Hudson River provides the current for the leyline energy on one side of Manhattan. The East River however flows north and south depending on the tides and that probably adds its own special energy.

Normally there is running water in the basin below the steel beams. This layout from above depicts a rising Sun, a common esoteric symbol seen on national flags, window design and labels of food products. Either way, these steel structures acting as tuning forks or obelisks at this “memorial” make a great location for orgonite.

Dr. Judy Wood’s essential Where Did The Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free Energy Technology on 911 presents irrefutable scientific evidence on how the towers came apart in mid-air and that the two 110 story buildings didn’t slam to the ground. Her evidence clearly points to the use of a directed energy weapon.

Continuing with the idea directed energy, I noticed that the shape of these steel structures if put end to end would be the same shape of Marduk’s “thunderbolt.” Marduk was known to be the chief god of Babylon.

While, this is merely an observation and not meant to be a statement on attacks on September 11, 2001, the similarity and implication is bizarre.

Having the Quebecorgone Succor Punch with me not only kept interference at bay, but afterward dog walkers, couples and texters began to hang around the area. The etheric effects of simple orgonite was once again evident.

I’ve not seen Mourning Doves gather together before. Its usually one or two, so this was a nice sight about 20 yards from the memorial.


4 thoughts on “New Jersey 911 Memorial

  1. steve white

    Also interesting about Ninurta’s “thunderbolt” is that it has the exact shape of a “plasma discharge”as seen on page 57 of Joseph P. Farrell’s The Cosmic War. To see that, an electron microscope is needed.
    Lately, I’ve seen larger groups of Mourning Doves, not flocks but groups of 4-6 as opposed to one or two as it’s always been..

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      Thanks Steve. Some interesting connections with the shape of ancient weapons, the steel girding of the WTC towers and directed energy weapons scientifically proven to have disintegrated the towers.

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      Hi Edu,
      I’d wondered about U Thant island. Have a book titled Sandhogs about the crews that dug the tunnels and how they would need to be vacuum sealed. Sometimes a worker would get sucked through a breach in the tunnel wall and pulled through layers of silt and crushed shells, then to the surface of the East River.
      Great idea of gifting the islands, a good mission and excuse to visit them. thank you!

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