How to gift your local obelisk!

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Hello EW,

Recently, I had much progressing attacks, like new migrant neighbors getting aggressive out of the not so blue?

I had it with the evil nucleus of their dark web, the old school obelisk of Brasschaat at my place!

When pounding my biggest EP around I could feel that their attacks wouldn’t work anymore, so good to get this one down with orgonite!

Brasschaat is a bit like the royal fake interests of Brussels but up north near Antwerp and the dutch border, where the evil lazies can do their evil primordial work.

I was always joking around with Don about finding a brass cat in that place to be worshiped, I did found an iron cat watching Brasschaat from s’Gravenwesel (Bastet statue)! It is the same protective magick that watches the yellow vests in Paris.

Have the best gifting out there!


4 thoughts on “How to gift your local obelisk!

  1. rene

    ps (especially in a public place :what is the best way to hide it and optimize it at the same time?°)
    sorry fot the question precceding how to do it (like a big EARTH PIPE OK)

    1. Frode

      Hello Rene, good to see someone taking an interest in orgonite. You’ll find many good resources in the menus. Here are some direct links, I hope that will be helpful to you:

      How to use orgonite

      How to make towerbusters

      How to make earth pipes. (It is not a requirement to use copper, you can also use aluminum or galvanized steel pipe for a cheaper cost)

  2. InOtherNews

    Hi Cyclingflinger,
    excellent work, based on past experience, this obelisk will be radiating positive orgone energy.


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