How to gift your local obelisk!

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Hello EW,

Recently, I had much progressing attacks, like new migrant neighbors getting aggressive out of the not so blue?

I had it with the evil nucleus of their dark web, the old school obelisk of Brasschaat at my place!

When pounding my biggest EP around I could feel that their attacks wouldn’t work anymore, so good to get this one down with orgonite!

Brasschaat is a bit like the royal fake interests of Brussels but up north near Antwerp and the dutch border, where the evil lazies can do their evil primordial work.

I was always joking around with Don about finding a brass cat in that place to be worshiped, I did found an iron cat watching Brasschaat from s’Gravenwesel (Bastet statue)! It is the same protective magick that watches the yellow vests in Paris.

Have the best gifting out there!


5 thoughts on “How to gift your local obelisk!

  1. rene

    ps (especially in a public place :what is the best way to hide it and optimize it at the same time?°)
    sorry fot the question precceding how to do it (like a big EARTH PIPE OK)

    1. Frode

      Hello Rene, good to see someone taking an interest in orgonite. You’ll find many good resources in the menus. Here are some direct links, I hope that will be helpful to you:

      How to use orgonite

      How to make towerbusters

      How to make earth pipes. (It is not a requirement to use copper, you can also use aluminum or galvanized steel pipe for a cheaper cost)

  2. InOtherNews

    Hi Cyclingflinger,
    excellent work, based on past experience, this obelisk will be radiating positive orgone energy.

  3. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Since pounding the obelisk (the bath tube plug of energetic evil) I could pound more and more EP’s.

    Big thanks to our chat group for the help and boostings. After flinging a lot of tb’s over time, it is always good to interconnect them with EP’s. I would also like to thank doc Dirk for his tip on the Miss Peregrine movie that was shot in one of those horrid mansions.

    A lot of this masonic microcosmic warzone has been pounded now. A big cloud of nastiness is slowly moving away. There is big wooden park behind the castle and the trees and birds are chanting, breathing again.

    Some examples of what was pounded: the actual military base with the old UN garrison, the fort girdle with a redoubt, bunkers, the gunfire museum (80+ people where executed there during WWII), the airfield, the sanatorium, the catholic churches (jesuit outposts), water towers, the hospital, granite monuments, psychological institutes, triad restaurants ….

    I had a run where I gifted all houses of the council members. I noticed that they burnt the golem down in one of the parks since gifting more thoroughly.

    The town of Brasschaat used to be so bad on the energetic level.

    More to follow, but in the meantime enjoy!



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