Gifting in Migingo Island

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Yesterday I managed to visit Migingo Island in the middle of lake Victoria, that Island which  is  rocky and the  same time  very rich  in  fish  production, had  been in the  fore  front  struggle its rocky but rich in fishing production. In fact people started dominated this Island in the early nineties, i do believe that the work which our people started during in Lake Victoria produced a greater change beyond question. I managed to distribute  some of  the  orgonites  in the  lake  on my way  to the  Island  to  and  fro. I also  got  an  humble time  to speak  with the  fishermen , I encouraged  them  to keep on  doing  good  work, I gave  give  them  some  orgonites  to continue  using  for  their  safety purposes.

Mrs O

1 thought on “Gifting in Migingo Island

  1. Cyclingflinger

    Thank you Mrs. O for your hard ongoing work!

    It is good you are gaining back the true trust of the fishermen!

    I sense that the corruption of Lake Victoria has much to do with the Vatican.

    We boosted Guch today for a swift release and Eliud for good health during our boosting chat!

    I will personally boost Guch everyday as it’s not fun to be jailed by evil corrupted judges for no reasons!

    I belief tanzanite is a magical stone and that by boosting the gem deposits left unaffected yet by this greedy race, it will benefit the Kikundi tremendously!



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