Gifting to restore peace in our Country

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It’s  been very  hard  in Kenyan  and  more  so at  the  moment  that  the  government  of  Kenya  are  busy  evicting traders  who had  been  getting their  daily  bread in small  kiosk. The  police  plus  the  city askaris  are  chasing  traders  up  and  down in both major   and  small towns up to the  village  level.

We  had  been  having  very  hard  time  because even  some  of  our  kiosks  had  been  demolished. It took us  very hard  time to  console  our  people  and  at the  same  time  look  for  our  people  an  alternative  on how  they  can  sustain  themselves especially  those who had  been depending on business.

Beside  looking  for  them places  for  survival, we  must  make  sure  the  we  gift  the  rogue government so that  they may  stop being inhuman  and  treat  her  citizens with  respect and  care . I  am  very sure  that  the  same  way  our mission  saw  the  Southern  Sudan  to have  peace ,  that  same  strength is  still  with  us.  We  are  going  to see  that  our  people  succeeded  even though  it  might  take  some  time.

Mrs.  O

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