Gifting in Wallonia!

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Good day fellow gifters!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit a mineral fair and throw some plane Jane in the city of Namur (Namen) which is also it’s provincial capital. Namur also runs on the leyline reaching Luxemburg. It was a small mineral and fossil fair but you always enjoy being around such wonderful, fascinating earth energies. We are always amazed about hearing stories of collection owners getting to Tucson! 🙂

The gifting run wasn’t that big as I had to dig into my own personal stuff (colored tb’s). But always a good stepping stone for the next run! I find this important as the city has also a fort girdle like here in Antwerp. Also gave a tb to a rock hound friend and explained about orgone energy.

There were some other really good synchronicities as I’ve met a Belgian shungite and Berkey seller ( that offered simple orgonite combined with shungite. You could really get a good feel with all that amplifying quartz from the fair laying around! As I was talking to the owner about EW, another person next to us got into the conversation and told me he was a flemish gifter too and read my aricles. We may be working on some bigger projects in the future. Of course, we all had our T zapper on! Cheers to the Crofts as always!

We laughed about marking the spot near the orgonite shungite cylinders as the most energetic and harmonious place of the fair.:)

I’ve got back with a relative to Brussels, only to see more and more economic migrants there,  all attracted to this corrupted and devilish capitalism. If the antenna’s don’t work that good anymore here 😉 , they send in and attract other forms of negative and stagnant energies.

The false promise of a richer life as mind control, only to be frustrated finding out it’s actual nothing of that and becoming the opposite! As the general population is suffering like in Paris. (yellow waistcoats manifestations). More orgonite gifting is again the solution!


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