Mission in Tanzania

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In fact  i managed to gift  in these  areas  on my  way  to Sumbawanga . Right now am in Sumbawanga the in the southern part of Tanzania.  I have  seen  both Eliud  and  Guch and if  all  go well I will  see  if  Eliud can  be  out.  Thanks to all our friends who have shown up their concern to our needs.


2 thoughts on “Mission in Tanzania

  1. Mrs. O

    Thanks A lot Dancan we are very happy for Eliud is out of danger. We Will Continue boosting Guch also who is still in the prison. wE will not stop boosting Eliud also for the quick recovery,
    Mrs O

  2. Mrs. O

    Guch life in the prison is a bit alarming because if they were two and now he remain alone is like he is abandoned but not so, now it’s my prayers for the resources to be available for his release too. in fact Guch is coming from Southern Sudan and avery dedicated gifter. As we meet together lets us boost him.

    Mrs O


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