is being sabotaged [SOLVED]

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HI, i have to write about this since i have been 9 hours trying to solve the issues with my site. As of now i have not any idea if it shows to the world or not, i have no way of knowing cause my spanish IP is being block from the server.   A couple days ago i could not access the site normally but if i change my IP to another country i would be able to do so.   Basically i  suspect the site is being shadow banned in Spain and allowed to show abroad.   I am no expert but when i contacted my hosting provider, Mr VInce T has been a pain in my butt cause when i contacted him the first time, only my computer email connection was not functioning but i could log in my site, see it on the browser, connect to ftp file manager but i could not connect to the cpanel site.

As we were talking someone did a password reset and changed the email adress necessary to log in the cpanel area and form this point on, everything started to drop, all connections, ftp client etc… it was happening in front of my very eyes and no matter how much i was telling the guy and showing screencaptions that i was been sabotage in real time, he basically called me a liar and that those images could be faked!!     i am tired of tecchies denying the exhistance of Mkids working on the clock sabotaging the livelihood of untold thousands of people with such tactics.   The result we have waisted 9 hours on this, he did not fix my issues and i am worse than when i contacted.

I do have copies of things but if i have to upload is a pain in the ass, could have been prevented. Here i stop my venting ;-d

Information travels on the internet in packets on big info highways stoping and going to the next server until it reaches your computer. Some of this server are anonimous and noone is required to give you that info (as far as i know) so this creates great holes where those packages get lost.

i do not understand this numbers but here in SPain seems the packages get lost lol

feel free to let me know if you can open the site or help me boost the $hitrats

EDIT: Forgot to mention my website IP is (New Server now) Sometimes it helps circumvent censorship , instead of writting the name of a site you simply put the IP adress for it.

ALso if anyone would need to contact me can do so at fran74(at)protonmail(dot)com

I also like to point out sucks badly and are part of the problem too. Difficult to know these days all those services of encryption and private VPNs. They ¨sell¨privacy but i bet most belong to the octopus.


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8 thoughts on “ is being sabotaged [SOLVED]

  1. Carlos Silva

    Fran, thanks for posting this and sorry to hear about your troubles.

    I can reach your website fine (even via a Spanish IP) but that would be expected from gaslighting… everything appears normal to everyone else.

    The way they so easily got to mess with it might indicate they infiltrated the hosting company – this would also explain how you are being targeted for blocking. Simply taking down the website would give you too much credibility, so they go for the nastiest gaslighting they can get away with.
    If you still have access to the email that controls the domain name, why not moving to another webhost?

    I suggest to stay away from free email solutions because if you’re not paying there can’t be any expectations of service. Google is the biggest example of this.

  2. Francisco Post author

    Thanks Carlos. The main point is the incredulity of tech savy people and how they deny any exhistance of sabotage even when it is happening in front of them. I only met one, Chuck (Captain Azti) who used to manage the forum before he was killed. He was a breeze to talk to cause he was very well equipped technically and knew what mkids where doing in the dungeons. This is the first amjor problem i ve had with orangewebsite servers but they are in theory specializing into hosting sites that are banned all over the world thanks to icelandic laws protecting free speech and feedom of the press. I have been moved to a new server and the bleeding has stopped so whoever was deviating packages along the way isnt dumping them ina hole as of now. So the problem is solved and hope remains stable for all my sites. and are working properly.

  3. InOtherNews

    Had a similar issue with InOtherNews site, the site was hacked and destroyed twice in the last 2 years. Last week, the archives were wiped out. The tech person on the phone was trying to upsell at first instead of troubleshooting and I had to point him in the right direction or have him get a supervisor. A lot of this sabotage appears intentional especially in light of FB, Alphabet Inc censoring content without explanation, aside from violating terms of service.
    I noticed your site doesn’t have the SSL certificate, Google started blocking sites without SSL certificates. Hosting companies usually provide a basic free SSL certificate. (shows up as green padlock by url) That will increase access to your site. The site shows up just fine here on the east coast of United States. Thanks for posting this, I would imagine a lot of this kind of thing is going on right now.

  4. Francisco Post author

    indeedn Geoff, hacking is only on little part of the many techniques they use to sabotage people. NSA always favours disnifo agents in their search engines too. Double check cause maybe did not write the site name correctly. Both my sites have aN SSL encryption certificate installed and running.

    1. InOtherNews

      Francisco, I used the IP address for your site and the ssl encryption didn’t show, but when using your url name, ssl is intact.
      In some ways its a good sign that you’re enduring sabotage, because you must be effective. Great site btw.

      1. fran

        thanks Geoff for pointing that out. Must be a redirection problem when using the IP , i will check on that. Been enduring this sabotage for the last 10 years, sometimes i d like a little less interference with my abundance. I am not the only one going thru it of course, so hats off to everyone helping rid of the parasites of this world!

  5. Carl

    I understand the frustration of being ‘attacked ‘online. I am not very technical with computers . But understand when somethings not right! Have had several computers get destroyed,emails won’t go through,wifi keeps turning on.(am microwave free) Sometime my power wand seems to help my computer. Just aim and focus intent.Sometimes tempted the whack the damn thing. lol

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