Goldman Sachs HQ and 911 Memorial Sphere

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The mission was Goldman Sachs and nearby area of One World Trade. From a 2010 article on Goldman Sachs – “It turns out that Goldman Sachs really did place shorts on TransOcean stock days before the explosions rocked the rig in the Gulf of Mexico sending stocks plunging while GS profits soared — benefiting once again from a huge disaster, having done the same with airline stocks prior to 911 then again with the housing bubble.”

There’s a bike lane in front of GS with a ridiculous amount of cameras peering in nearly all directions. I heard someone say that the dark lord has his office on the top floor of this building. Either way, this area needed orgonite.

Again, Lydiane’s Succor Punch made this mission incident free. One of the most versatile orgone products from

According to Peter Champoux, a massive energy bandwidth travels down through Broadway but also pours into ground zero and ultimately converging into the New York harbor. He says its the passage of the Hudson River that determines the north-south alignment coming into the city.

The giant obelisk One World Trade aligns with the 911 memorial footprints. With the right amount of orgonite this tower can be radiating positive orgone energy into the atmosphere and through corresponding energy leylines.  Aside from surveillance cameras, security, and police, I noticed the general public keeps a watchful eye in this area.

There’s something about the 911 memorial. The WTC 1 and WTC 2 footprints seem to be inverted pyramids with the proportional capstone. I say this because of the World Trade Center towers’ alignment with the belt of the constellation Orion. The same alignment occurs with the pyramids in Giza. The Great Pyramid was known to be an orgone generator and after being dismantled is now generating deadly orgone energy according to some researchers. I think there is a connection here with this memorial, DOR and what I suspect are inverted pyramids. Either way a great place for orgonite.

Below is the battered “Sphere” that was taken from Battery Park but here it is back at ground zero. It was originally centered in the courtyard of the World Trade Center and that geometry and design mimicked the Kaaba at Mecca.  It now seems to be part of the belt of the Orion constellation. Either way a great spot for positive orgone energy to radiate.

Inspired by Don and Carol Croft and the great etheric warriors.


6 thoughts on “Goldman Sachs HQ and 911 Memorial Sphere

  1. Morgan

    Those are some great gifting locations Geoff. When you speak of energy bandwidth, is that another term for ley line? I love my SP from QuebecOrgone.
    Thanks for the report,

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      Hi Morgan, Peter Champoux uses the word bandwidth to describe the wider, more prominent leylines. The timing is interesting too, because right now headlines read that stocks gains from 2018 have been erased.

  2. Cyclingflinger

    Thank you a lot Geoff for this tremendous gifting!

    Really happy with the gifting as it backfires here on the world rough diamond center at my pace!

    I’m curious about the level of confusion there, especially near the bicycle (p)lane!

    How more you gift, how easier it is to tell about simple orgonite and less the confusion that is around thanks to gift further on!

    I really liked the analogy of bandwith as when gifting the big leylines, you create a beautifull song/melody like a good magnetic cassette. 🙂

    Thanks to a cousin in Brussels, I found out they installed another of those (repulsive) balls before the european commission. Or, better said “the europoid dominion” Berlaymont building.


    PS: Had to rewrite everything as the wannabee thunder birds or simply called the shit birds cancelled this post? 🙂

  3. InOtherNews Post author

    Thanks Charles, I’m hoping that aligning some gifting missions with leylines could amplify the positive energy.

    I’m sure Brussels could’ve done without that sphere. The spheres, cubes and abstract metal displays showcased as outdoor art are very repetitive. Its interesting how many believe its “public art” and miss their function as conduits for a larger energy system. Wannabe thunderbirds, lol!

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