My Mission in Turkana

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Previously lives in Turkana region had been under severe problem because the environment was not favorable for both agriculture and livestock rearing. The first time we launched the orgonite in that region people could not believe what they saw until they started to experience the ecological changes taking place. We first started with treating Lake Turkana which had been regarded as one of the impure water and at the same time salty. Fishermen were also having a lot of problems while doing fishing because there were some species of fish which could not survive in that dirty salty water. But as per now things are good and good lives have resumed.

Agriculturally there is  a bigger improvement because the experience of the ecological changes, will finally  improve  the  climate  which  will  subsequently  make  the  agriculture  possible. In fact  people  who could  not  do farming  for  many  years  can  now celebrate upon seeing the real production of their own crops.

In fact the areas of Turkana had been a deserted place for many years, but as per even oil which is a natural resource had been discovered there. It’s true that many investors are now scrambling even to get a plot of land in the region. It’s a thing that none would dream of for decades.

Currently there  are  some  fakers who are out deceiving people  that  they do make  the  orgonite, but they  only use  cement which  is  not appropriate for that  product, so it’s  our  appeal  to our  esteem friends  and   customers  to be  very careful while  doing the purchase.  Thanks to some of our friends for discovering such mess.

Some  of our  gifter  got  arrested in Tanzania  and they  are  not in  good  condition.


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