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This was about 2 weeks ago, the latest gifting trip in a string of local orgone-tourism dates 😎

The objective was the antennas on the village of Colares. The walk there and back was through the beautiful Sintra area, which I recommend to anyone who visits this part of the country.

The first notable spot which got gifted was a pillory, or ‘punishing pillar’ where people were tied to and suffered abuse for the public to see. That square felt bad. In fact there was an external pressure not to gift it, which meant it was important to. Since I’d been around for a few minutes looking around, it felt better to place the orgonite some place nearby but not right on the square, where no placed seemed viable. Quite close to it is a old primary school and a chapel, which you can see a picture of, towards the end.
This day I forgot to bring the Succour Punch, which helps with being ‘invisible’. It’s incredible useful.

The 3 antennas were placed practically in a line, close to a small cemetery on the newer part of the village. Several TBs were dropped, more than necessary, and an HHG was placed in the area. Placing extra orgonite is fine and takes care of other equipment which they may add later.
Approaching the antennas I felt a characteristic type of slight head ache or pressure, which later appeared as slight discomfort in the stomach area – it’s not necessary that both things appear but you may become sensitive to this over time. This kind of impression confirms the antennas were not previously gifted, or not gifted enough – the feeling is very similar whether it’s antennas or other strong sources of negative energy.

On the way back home I came through another way and passed a river which got orgonite – there was a slimy green patch to it which I’ll check if it’s any different, next time passing there. After the river I came to the edge of the actual ‘Serra’ or Mountain of Sintra. It’s a beautiful, magical place. On the side of the road there was a path going in and I followed it until finding the strange construction with cameras you can see almost at the end of the pictures. Maybe it was a water deposit, I don’t know. From there, there was path that went West, parallel to the road, and another South, further into the forest and following the direction towards a local convent called ‘Convento de Santa Ana da Ordem do Carmo’, which is about 500 meters away. There was not much more sun left and not knowing the path home exactly, I decided to return.

An HHG was left somewhere around there as a gift for the Mountain – this was before finding the weird construction. The Serra feels like an important place to take some heavy-duty gifting, with Earth Pipes as well.

After descending and joining the road again, the next stop was back in the old part of the village of Colares, were the pillory was. The energy there felt much better and there was no need to add more orgonite. After that I met a couple of cats and made my way home 😉


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  1. InOtherNews

    Nice work Carlos, great photos of ornate obelisks, cell towers and energy vortexes. Perfect places from TBs!

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