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Don with a small 108.

In October, Carol Croft and Harold Lunt, who was a good friend of Don’s, came over to my house to install a 108 device under the labyrinth I built many years ago. Harold has been planting 108’s recently with some donated orgonite and has had great success making huge energy changes. I did a little filming to show what he was doing and to do a little orgonite tutorial for those of you who might be thinking about making your own. We already have tutorials up on this site but it never hurts to get more info.

Many thanks to Harold and Carol, who dug in the rocky ground on a cold day, and then on a cold and rainy day, to get this 108 installed. As the name implies it incorporates 108 pieces of orgonite in a specific geometric pattern that seems to generate a lot of good energy. The pattern was originally designed by Cesco, who posted on one of the earlier orgonite forums. [Edit: the 108 pattern is based on the ancient Seed of Life pattern. Cesco’s effort was to place orgonite on the points of the Seed of Life to acheive a particular energy.] It has really changed the energy here and I feel it will help change the energy on the planet. Listen to Harold’s description in the video, and maybe you’ll decide you want one of these big 108’s near you. His largest one so far is in Arizona and is about 900 feet across. (Wow!)

We have two other 108’s on our property: one is mini-tbs and one is large cones of orgonite. Don made both of them for us. He brought the large one over to help stop a forest fire that was burning for three months in the hills just above our home in 2009. A week after he brought it, it snowed, very early in the season. We have never forgotten his generosity. I sure miss him…


P.S. I shot a number of short videos on my phone and edited them on my phone will a free app called Splice. Sometimes the technology really works for me! 😉

6 thoughts on “The 108 Project

  1. Morgan

    Very cool Dooney! Thanks for sharing. Any idea on when the d.i.y sheets will be available?
    Are those the jumbo muffin pans, or the normal ones?

    1. dooney Post author

      Hi Morgan,
      I’m not sure when Harold will have the sheets for sale but when he does I will ask him to post about it. The muffin tins I use are the standard size you get from the grocery store. 🙂

    2. Harold Lunt

      Hi Morgan, this is Harold.
      We have been using the regular sized muffin tin shaped orgonite for the 108’s, even the 900′ one. For the smaller sized 108’s (20′ or so) I would expect the mini-muffin sized pieces to work well, although the larger size would certainly do the job.
      I expect the D.I.Y. sheets to become available by the end of the year, hopefully sooner. These will be for a 108 pattern that is 20 feet across. I will also be making a pattern for a 38″ diameter pattern, doing 1/2 of the pattern at a time and flipping the 20′ piece over to complete the other half. The initial layout for the master is quite time consuming. I will be posting a more detailed write-up once my schedule frees up.

  2. Morgan

    Fantastic! Thanks dooney and Harold for replying. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the sheet, i’m excited to try this!

  3. InOtherNews

    Thanks for the tutorial Dooney, and its interesting how Carol could sense the energy right away. An important testimony to the conductivity of living energy. Also, good to know there are people like Harold also doing this work!

  4. AnonymousFlinger

    Thank you for the new idea!
    I laid out a 108 in my back yard last year on top of the ground and left it out all winter. It was no particular size. This year I can make my 108 spaced using 41.6 inches. It will be 10 – 11 feet in diameter
    Having a big roll of paper I drew a template for one unit of 18 by prorating measurements from a small 108 I drafted out on plywood a couple years ago. My 6″ x 24″ quilting rulers came in handy because they have accurate 30 and 60 degree angles.
    Then using a 5 x 12 foot clear plastic sheet I bought from the fabric store I transferred 3 units – the top, middle, and bottom ones onto the sheet using permanent marker (rubbing alcohol fades out mistakes). Although the paper still measures 41.6 inches the plastic was closer to 41.5 inches by the time I cut out all the TB circles. Oh, well. Just wait until I lay it out on the cold, frozen ground outside. Yup, it shrunk.
    Anyway, I found north and ran a pink cord on the ground from north to south. Lined up the plastic sheet and I laid out the TBs for the 3 units pretty fast all by myself. Then was able to lift the plastic and rotate 60 degrees and line it up on the middle unit (clear plastic really helps). Laid two more units, rotate again and finish the 108. Yes, I made it sound easier than it was, shifting, nudging, straightening the plastic sheet. But the concept worked well and I only dislodged 2 TBs in the process.
    I had an old broom handle that I marked with 41.6 inches to spot checked a few measurements. With the shrinkage my 108 has measurements closer to 40.5 inches. Probably need to use the plastic sheet at room temperature.
    My 108 might not resonate to Om (Aum) properly, but the spirit orbs in my back yard are hanging out over it.
    Thank you for my 3 day adventure!
    -that long winded anonymous gifter

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