Gifting in Lake Victoria,

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Lake  Victoria  is  grouped  as among  the  fresh  water  lakes  in Africa ever since, but of  lake,  the  lake  had been encroached by the water  hyacinth which  make  it hard for fishing and  at  the  same time could  not  allow  the  lake water  to be  as  pure as before. It had taken our paramount effort to see the lake water com to its former natural freshness. For several  times  I had  been struggling to see that  though  our  gifting in the  lake  and  also  by  gifting  the  big rivers which  runs towards  the  lake so that  the  orgonite  may have  a big supply  which  will  in return purify the lake water. Before  the  end of  this  year  am  going  to see  that  I explore  the  lake  region  again with  much  gifting  that  I suppose  will  create  a  big different.


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