From Dirk – Gifting in Southern France

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I’ll be posting some of Dirk’s gifting reports here, which he shares on EW’s facebook page.

August 16, 2018

When on holiday, supplies and time are of necessity limited, so it’s important to focus on strategic targets when visiting a city.
Nîmes in Southern France has a few Roman buildings left, and evidently the whole city layout is focussed around these. The arena where atrocities took place, and a temple to Diana were obvious targets. Check the long straight road leading into the city, the railway station, and Court building right besides the arena. One other picture shows how the streets still follow the old garden’s geometric pattern. Only a handfull of pieces was enough to make a major change. One EP was used burried with a few tb’s along for maximum impact.
In Arles, the obelisk on Place de la Republique was a great target, another Roman arena (no picture), and of course the river was made good use of. Again, a few well placed orgonites was all it took to have a huge impact..
There are a few pictures from a village named Uzès which still has an oldfashioned duke installed in the city centre. Bingo!
The antenna is from a spot near Le Castellet where I pounded a few EP’s in the ground because an underground base was suspected. I saw a UFO there ten years ago and there is another similar sighting on youtube. Enjoy and feel free to send in your holiday targets!

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  1. Edward

    Good gifting. that is a nasty looking tower, and a lot of masonic symbolism all over the place. nice going!

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