Eliud and Guch arrested in Tanzania

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We just learned the following from Dancan during chat, this Saturday:

Lake Rukwa is on the southern part of Tanzania a few kilometers away from Lake Tanganyika. Our team comprising of Eliud and Guch went to do gifting in that lake in Tanganyika. Unfortunately they got arrested there because nowadays the Tanzania system of governance has changed. The government of Tanzania has developed much anxiety, they now very much suspicion on the foreigners and certain kinds of activities. On this account they could understand the work that both Eliud and Giuch were doing in that Lake (Lake Rukwa). Eelier this year some people were caught doing fishing using certain kind of chemical that kill all the kinds of fish both small and the big ones. So they though both Eliud and Guch were doing the same. Through that confusion state, they arrested both of them. They have taken one month two weeks since their arrest. So one of the Kikundi Chris Owuor have travelled there to see their condition, he had rung me back that their condition is not good. So any well-wisher

So please boost them if you can’t help them with money. It’s been a hard and dangerous year for the kikundi, with many losses. We’ve got that some┬ádecision makers in China, EU, Britain and Israel are behind this arrest.



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