Gifting in Lake Turkana

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For the last one week I have been gifting in Lake Turkana and more so, on the eastern side. lake Tukana had been a salty water lake just from the beginning, but after we started gifting in that Lake  five years  ago, the water is now very good  even for both consumption and  for  fishing. The  people  of  Turkana  are  also  very positive and  they really  like  the  orgonite.

They developed this interest after seeing how the gifting which we had been doing in the dry areas has changed that environment. Even rain which had been a history to them after the though work of gifting in the area they now have good rainfall and enough for agriculture.


3 thoughts on “Gifting in Lake Turkana

  1. Lloyd M Saar

    Wow that’s so cool,I gift in AZ. on a much smaller scale …this information I think would really help the Grand Canyon,the big & little Colorado rivers run threw/most the state , now they seem to be bringing their Greedy agenda’s to our Beautiful state—this research is great Im getting some ideas. (wehw) Weve got the the two largest man made lakes in the country/im pretty sure , Big anyway!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all your wounderfull research.really helps gifters just starting out.much Blessings

  2. Owuor Chris

    Those are the kind of works that can bring a bigger change in our devastated environments. Dancan thanks for the historic work that will finally leave big changes in the environments. I know quite very soon i will organized myself and see if i can come and join you there.

  3. Dancan Post author

    Thanks to both Lloyd M Saar and Chris for the good comments that you have posted on the forum.
    Areas in Turkana who received our orgonite for the first time are doing very well; their gardens are having a remarkable improvement. Even the most draught strike areas are now having a bigger change. There were also some kind of species of crops which previously could not grow in those areas because the environment could not favor them, but as of late there is a big boost and farmers could now celebrate upon seeing that bigger change.
    Despite some of the prevailing changes on our side, we have resolved as the Kikundi to move forward with the work till we see a big change in these areas.
    Right now am planning to go back to Migori but as of late our transportation system had been tampered with due the tough rules imposed by the government in the transport sector but I know all will be well.

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