Gifting along Lake Victoria

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Gifting  along  the  lake  region is  what  has  made the  our lake  shore very good , neat  and  adequate  for fish  growth. In our  nation mostly along  the  Shore of lake  Victoria we have good  breed of  fish known  as  tilapia, they  breed  well in a  fresh  water  Lake. This  is  why our  lake  shore  gifting  and  mostly  along  the  shore  of  lake  Victoria, lake  Turkana, lake  Albert  in Uganda , lake  Tanganyika  in  the  country  of  Tanzania. Last  week I did  a  though  work  along  the  shore  of  our  great lake  (Victoria).

The  report  which  I got  there was  very much  encouraging,  the  fish production  has  doubled in the  last  one  year, the  lake  water  is  very fresh  and  clean for the  orgonite  does  both, it  purifies  the  water  and  at  the  same  time promote  the  growth  of  algears  which  are  good  lake  food  for  the  fishing  production.

I was  also forced  to provide  some  of  the  fishermen  with  sappers which  are  good  for Malaria and  some  venereal disease which  are  quite  common  among  the  people living together  and  more  so  the  fishermen. The  zappers  can  provide  a  good  prevention  measures against  such menace diseases along  the  lake shores.

I also had  an  opportunity  to lecture some  farmers along  the  lake  region on  the  important of  using the orgonite (Mbolea), for it promote the  crop  growth  for  it adds  more  nutrient into the  soil. Crops  like  Maize, beans , bananas  and  pineapples really  benefit much on the orgonite ( mbolea ) when  applied  at the  right  time  during  their maturity stage in growth.

In all these I really  gather sufficient information about what if we do to the farmers and  fishermen along the lake  shore  and within the  lake  region, the  rate  of  poverty will go  down. We  are  going  to see  that  we  have  enough orgonite that  we  can  supply the  farmers  and  the  fishermen.


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