Gifting in Sakwa

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It had  been  our  prime  determination  to see  that  we  work tirelessly to see  that  we  stable  our  projects  by continues  gifting  within  our  areas  and  even beyond. Two  days  ago I  managed to visit an  area called  Sakwa in one  of  our prime  farming prone  regions. I was  there  last  month to lecture  them  on  how  orgonite  can promote maize  farming, and  here  below is  the  byproduct of the  orgonite  gifting. In fact the orgonite that we are making now has more nutrients for the crop production.

Besides  that  I also helped  them  on the  modern  way  of making fish pond which  does  not require  much skills  but  very productive. Previously  we  had  been gifting the  lakes  and  the  oceans  but our  new  research reveals  that  even in  the  ponds , orgonite  can  do much  better. For when  we  put  the  orgonite  in the  pond, it will promote the growth  of the  water  weeds which  are subsequently the delicious feeds for  the fingerling, and  the  big fish. So on  this  account  I have  seen that  our  new research  is  going  to  see us  move  forward in terms of  fish  farming  for  we  will  not  depend on the  lake  production  but also  on  the small scale  (pond) farming.


2 thoughts on “Gifting in Sakwa

  1. Cyclingflinger

    Thank you Dancan for the nice report!

    It’s good to see “the Kikundi” are always making good progress, despite with the very hard setbacks that happened recently. I hope you’ll all reap the benefits soon from it. Especially, with the new techniques your are using.



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