Satanic logo of Harrison Central High School

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This is the logo of the local county high school. Notice the red and black representing satanism. And lets not forget the 4 pointed illuminati star with the contrasting black and white representing freemasonry. The H and C are intertwined. It’s interesting, because they are unified as one, as are the mason’s, the illuminati, and satanism. Miles Mathis wrote a paper about how the free masons and rosicrucians hid the unified field in some of their symbolism. It’s quite interesting and i believe he proved it well,  including  dissecting and analyzing all the existing equations about it written by top scientists of the day like Sir Isaac Newton.

Personally, i thinks it’s interesting in a despicable way how they find new and creative ways to express the esoteric meaning of their symbolism in plain sight; and letting everyone who understands their symbolism know who is in charge around here. There are 3 death towers on this school campus. I gifted the school grounds and towers with several tower busters already, months ago. But when i was there today it felt like the school grounds needed more, especially by this logo above.

2 thoughts on “Satanic logo of Harrison Central High School

  1. dooney

    Good gifting target Edward! We have a high school near here called Hellgate High! Just a reminder to everyone to gift anywhere that has Hell or Devil in the name in addition to any creepy symbolism like this. 🙂


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