One more boost for Brazil

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Tomorrow the final turn of Brazilian elections will happen. Please boost the process and the parasites involved. Just send love to it for the best outcome. The point is not really who gets “selected”, but how much fear, hatred and ignorance the parasites will have at their disposal to manipulate people afterwards.

On the bright side their dictatorial agenda might have begun to defuse and polls shows a decrease in votes for the “Evil candidate” in favor of the “Corrupt candidate”. That will probably buy the country some more time. Brazil is frequently referred to as “the sleeping giant”. Perhaps this might even give the Brazilian people a so much needed shock to awake a little from their historical passivity, even if in a misguided manner,

1 thought on “One more boost for Brazil

  1. Love Generation

    Yes. I have been boosting Brasil continuously for the past couple of weeks, and have created a thoughtform to boost while I am not thinking about it. Focusing on both candidates and also the new T S E building. When I first saw a picture of that building I knew it needed a lot of attention with pure highest love energy. Very different architecture but it reminded me of the s i s building in London. The 13 circular windows across the front of the T S E building correspond to the 13 oversized rectangular windows across the front of the s i s building below the main cupola. 13 has a lot of occult significance as we all know. Besides all of the satanist references, Richard Rudd wrote about another metaphor for 13, which is Arachne at the center of her web. She is the hidden 13th zodiac sign and she is connected to and influences the other 12 from the center. Somehow this stuck with me and when I am sending the love energy it seems to want to go straight to the middle window. I don’t know what will happen, Brazil is very close to my heart with friends and family there. May we begin a pathway from this point of depravity back towards humanity.


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