Gifting the towers in Migori

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For the  last  one  month it had  been  a  great  struggle within  our  vicinity of  Migori. There had been several calamities cause by high voltage lightning and thunder roll. We had  tried  by  all means  to reach  the  weather forecast for a  solution  but  al  are  in  vain. So today I resorted to gift such dangerous   death towers so see is an appropriate solution can be reached. We manage  to reach such  towers  at  a close  range  and  in fact in  some  occasions  we  even burry some  of the  orgonite around  the  fences  for  activation purpose. I do believe  that  within  the  shortest  time  possible  a solution will  be  reach and  the  residence  of the area are  going to see  a breakthrough.



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