Orgonite Mission Downtown Montreal

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Last week, while visiting the owner of, we embarked on two stealth gifting missions in downtown Montreal. Lydiane pre-made TBs filling 8 gallon buckets. We loaded them into shoulder bags and took the subway into the city.

It was windy, not too cold, very few people on the streets, perfect. The Montreal Memorial Masonic Temple is located on whats called the “Golden Square Mile” district. This is most likely near or on a significant ley line crossroad or energy bandwidth. The Grand Lodge of Quebec met for the first time here February 1930.

There was a daycare center inside the temple with a full sized playground set up in a fenced area next to the temple. That and the whole city block needed orgonite.

Across the street, the College of Montreal and seminary school are built on a hill and set back behind a stone wall. The main gable of the building held a lit circle in its center, symbolizing the all seeing eye. Two impressive spruce trees on each side of the center walkway represented two pillars/towers. That and surrounding area needed orgonite.

Not much interference during this mission. A police cruiser did pull into the college driveway but made the first turn away from our location. If we were in New York City, or another large U.S. city, choppers, unmarked cop cars would be sneaking around or some direct harassment.

But remembering now, Lydiane carries the Succor Punch on gifting missions for this reason. With the SP switched on, you’re off their radar.

A very ancient symbol in front of the seminary school decoded as IXXI or 911.

Another significant location is the Montreal Biodome, Olympic stadium, soccer stadium, planetarium, movie complex, likely positioned near or on important leylines or energy bandwidths and harvesting its share of human energy.

Lydiane says the stadium looks like an alien ship, with its space age obelisk holding up the roof. Could there be another function in this design? Either way, that and the rest of the complex needed orgonite.

Again moving by night, its a challenging landscape because there’s a lot of concrete, surveillance cameras, and security workers but there is landscaping and grass around monuments and sculptures that give away energy alignments that make for ideal gifting.

There are many places for TBs, such as ledges, crevices, storm drains, rooftops and trees.

While walking around the stadium we were talking about the state of mind that is set off from consuming the type of food served during the events, but maybe prepping the human spectator to be fleeced of vital energy.

The exterior layout of the cinemaplex made it easy to gift. Lydiane explained potential outcomes as a result of this strategic gifting. We shall see.

Remembering Don and in support of etheric warriors. Major props to the owner of for making the TBs and being a gracious host.

13 thoughts on “Orgonite Mission Downtown Montreal

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      Yes it does, its also an M and W over each other. I saw an ancient version of this in a book that was depicted as two people holding up crossed branches.

  1. Carlos Silva

    Thank you for this inspiring report, Geoff. Cities are usually more challenging to gift – one needs to be resourceful about where to place the orgonite and careful with being followed, but it’s all part of the fun. Succour punches help a lot, as you say.

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      hey Carlos,
      it went fast with two people, will have the SP with me on future missions!

  2. Cyclingflinger

    Great gifting article Geoff!

    I really enjoyed you both taking a flinging shot at that 9-11 symbolism. Relieving all that negative tension around the temple. The stadium looks indeed like some kind of modified Star Trek voyager from above and does feel crappy as hell. Fortunately it is better now with orgonite! I had a look around and that Royal Montréal Cross could always have more EP’s around.

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      thanks Cyclingflinger,
      I’ve not seen a daycare center adjacent to a large masonic temple before.
      Yes, you’re right it does have a Star Trek Voyager design,

  3. Eric

    Hello, it is awesome to hear of people gifting in Montreal. I had visited in the summer and stayed a block from that Masonic temple and gifted the cross and the cell tower up on top of Mt Royal. I like to gift some TBs to the places I visit. Thank you for post.

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      Hi Eric, good work, we didn’t make it to Mt Royal, the buildings are massive and I suspect were built over Native American structures or those that date further back.

  4. dooney

    Thank you for this comprehensive gifting report Geoff and many thanks to Lydiane for her effort as well! Cities are a real challenge and take a lot of effort but it is well worth it. Please let us know if you see some significant changes in the coming months.

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      Hi Dooney, appreciate it, Lydiane is a pro at this, learned a lot and will do more where I live.

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