How to gift your local internet provider!

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Some time ago, I went back to Mechelen and paid a gifting visit to one of the most annoying telecom providers in Belgium. They always disconnect your connection when they want to. It pleases the villains who think they are above the law, while doing this on a regular base.

I had 3 technicians at my place to fix this up, nothing! All with some stupid excuses, strangely three different stories, how professional! I even swapped the modem with another.

I previously reported about this kind of sabotage but till today it only lessened a bit. So, what a better way to add more orgonite and give another proof of the ever growing orgonite solutions!

The company was bought up by Liberty Global who is an american company. It has its company hindquarters near the USA embassy right in the middle of Brussels near the not so free-masonic park. Reasons enough to get more good energy purged out of this provider!

I also had a hunch about an asshole working in the basement on disconnecting around in the Flanders. I got the same impressions from other psychics from EW. Thank you all!

Another thing is to tell about the fact that the company offices are situated into the middle of a hellish DOR bastion. Around the perimeters of the company is the cemetery of Mechelen, it’s football stadium and a highly securised prison complex. If this wasn’t enough, two roads down the corner were deportation barracks from the WWII.

What a nice neighborhood to live in! 🙂 All up north. See the attached pic for more visual details.

I took the opportunity to refresh some more around the middle of the city and had a great time with the sylphs! I finished with passing by the Fort of Walem. 😉

It really feels like opening a window of fresh air around the decades of stagnating energies. Ofc, Mechelen is pretty masonic and you can find their symbols easily on the run.

The city is north of Brussels and south of Antwerp (both +-25kms). So having more orgonite on this corridor leyline will help out for Brussels.

To have more impact I also get the PW out and blast them up. The present orgonite amplifies the blast! 🙂


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  1. Edward

    Charles, that is a beautiful city, i never really thought of visiting Belgium, but now it’s on my bucket list. That Jesuit catholic church really blows my mind, the jesuit symbolism all over it with the jesuit cross at the top, and the other jesuit symbolism, and then the masonic symbolism too. And a pine cone to boot on the top of each of the 2 pillars representing joicham and boaz. I will have to pay more attention from now on when looking at old catholic churches, i have seen many with occult symbolism and signs of pagan sun worship, but don’t recall seeing any with such blatant masonic architecture built in. i will pay more attention from now on that’s for sure. and again, beautiful city and country!


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