Please boost Brazilian elections of tomorrow.

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While I normally don’t care about who gets the limelight in our pseudo democracies, there is currently a plot to move our country more in the direction of fascist police state. The mass media is currently pimping the rise of a pseudo-Christian Neocon retired military called Jair Bolsonaro as our next saviour against government corruption. And he wants to modify our constitution.

Only a minority of extreme right nationalist really support the guy, but there is a plot to scare the people into assuming he is a  viable option against the reelection of the latest leftist corrupt government. So they want people to chose him out of hatred against the last bad government. Mass media is rigging the polls to favor him if people are scared enough.

Big money already supports the guy, and will screw the country economy to get him elected:

The guy is clearly an agent. He suffered a fake knife strike last independence day, September 7, and was conveniently out of debates. His government plan is inexistent, so they either can’t reveal it, or just have him to create more division get people to hurt each other.

So i wish to blow this psyops by boosting it before people start giving too much power for the parasites. Hopefully, it will blow int their faces. Please help boosting it if possible.


5 thoughts on “Please boost Brazilian elections of tomorrow.

  1. Gare Clement

    Boosting ALL the PARASITES involved. If it’s not too late and if Brazil has ballot boxes? An Orgonite Gift in the vicinity of as many voting sites as possible would surely help the Voters see through the facade 😉

  2. Alexander McAllister

    Good morning, It has been a while since I post here, but since I am brazilian and live in Brazil I decided to clear some things up.

    I agree with Gare Clement’s point of view, one should boost ALL parasites – and the environment that feeds them.

    Eduardo, yes, one sees that it is mostly all theater, emotionally divisive since that is the easiest form of control, people are blinded by the fireworks and glare of “taking up positions”. Gare Clement: The fact that the electronic ballot boxes here do not print out the result of your vote is a serious heads up. Remember, the controlers are invisible… whoever wins these elections… THEY, the controlers, win.

    Considering the situation and the fact that one is obligated by law to vote, you should review your sources and what and who you are defending
    You are uninformed in stating that Bolsonaro has no government plan, please compare both plans here: Bolsonaro is “pro-USA”, he has a team of people (who put together the above government plan) who are not the status quo of many years, and have no link with Cuba, Venezuela and China – a major player who is trying to buy everything here at the moment.

    So, do we have choice? Like George Carlin says… we have the illusion of choice, 63 flavors of ice-cream, etc. . Funny isn’t it? I have to vote on the guy who is not the puppet (Haddad) who has said that his first act as president will be to release from prison a twice convicted felon (Lula), and who wants to make him a “power” minister his government. If you believe the fable that Lula is innocent of corruption and money laundering consider that 17 federal judges decided otherwise.

    Now, the important part for an Etheric Warrior… if you are “hot under the collar”, all emotional regarding the situation you see yourself in, you are FEEDING the parasites with your emotions… They do not have any real life force, they need to feed off of people to “live”. Brazil is currently a festering wound attracting all types of trash feeders. So place your hand on any Orgone device, and feel the cleansing energy, you’ll see the thought stream for what it is, and where it is coming from. With this discernment- and knowledge – you’ll become a real instrument for change, you will know what to do, where to gift.

  3. Edu

    You are right, Al.

    There are no inocent in politics, and choice is an illusion. The choice we actually have is to fight back boosting on etheric level. This way, whomever is the party they decide to give this election to, it will start under pressure and without the cover of all the blinding fear and hatred.

    Have you noticed how beaten the presidential candidates look in the last interviews? I think they are getting some blowback.

  4. Love Generation

    Boosting the Brazilian elections and the whole deteriorating situation there. The people are being submitted to waves uopn waves, layers upon layers of propaganda to corral their minds. Concurrently there is an ongoing deep process of unmasking of corruption and evil happening in Brazil, which I’m sure orgonite is playing a part in. I believe Moro is on the verge of being outed as an agent. With enough targeted etheric work possibly Bolsonaro as well. The governors are playing the long game in Brazil but the people can wake up.

  5. Cyclingflinger

    Edu, I can’t let you fight against a virtual choice of innocence!

    The best politics that have ever existed were no politics at all!

    We chose (to have someone elected), yet (death) showed us every generational politics chosed their own deaths …

    Good bye politics!



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