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It’s quite unfortunate that my Billy my son tonight got an accident when coming from gifting in Nandi Hills. Their motorbike lost control upon escaping the oncoming vehicle which lost control after hitting a pot hole. So upon escaping the crush they veered off the road and their motor bike rolled off the road. He sustained arm fracture and left leg dislocation. So we had taken to the nearest hospital within our reach at the moment, but the doctors advised us to him for head city scan to determine the condition of the head in case there is also a problem. So according to their diagnosis analyses, they  have  referred  us to another hospital , where we can  get specialist dealing  with bones and other problems  that  might affect  the  head.

Mrs. O

7 thoughts on “Billy Got Accident

  1. Owuor Chris

    Am very sorry about Billy Accident, in fact he shared with me last week that he is to go for that gifting mission. Am very sorry , i know we will sit together and see how we can involve in that . We should see as quick as possible how we can see him being transferred immediately the hospital that can fully deal with his problem.

  2. Mrs. O Post author

    All is not well with me today morning , when the Dr opperated had been done on the head. He sustained some injuries

    The leg also had already been opperated. I still need more boosting I lost my son Billy today


  3. Cyclingflinger

    I was waiting for good hope and news about Billy’s injuries healed and being un-wounded, but as always masters of orgonite dies like dominos … in this horrible realm!

    Let me assure you, that I will see for a good place for Billy into the trenches of WWI and WWII as he was more than a hero on his motor bike, he mustered the will to fight as helding up his belief, thank you Billy!

    All your orgonites got gifted in time and you always held up your promises!

    Billy, you deserved the first place to communicate up there with Don! At least you realised my dreams!

    Keep it up there!


  4. Carlos Silva

    I’m sorry for your loss Mrs O.

    It’s a strange feeling when someone we know passes away, specially when two such great individuals happen to leave us in such a short time.

    To some it may feel like the gifting movement is being shaken to the roots or that some dark shadow hangs above it. Removing the drama spectacles, it’s encouraging to see orgonite and gifting have spread well beyond – sure, there is a lot of fake plastic stuff being passed for orgonite but there’s also a lot of the genuine kind. Over the years I’ve had contact with several individuals, often asking for advice on making orgonite or where to get the materials, and God knows how many more are involved in making and gifting orgonite but keep it to themselves. Most people involved in this don’t want a public profile and that’s just fine. The work is the most important.

    Don and Carol, the Etheric Warriors, this website – they were really the seed, all those years ago. Now that tree has grown and spread into many more seeds which are turning into many more trees. It’s out of our hands now and gained a life of its own. Don’s vision of a global, decentralized gifting movement which cannot be taken down is a reality.

    It’s my subjective impression that changes on a planetary level are acelerating. It feels as if we are being compressed, going through a sieve. The effects of energy feel amplified several fold and it never felt so easy to go into the etheric and affect changes there.
    That also means it’s more important than ever to be aware and responsible for our individual actions. To keep gifting, boosting and bring that high energy into the common daily life and to those around us, the best way we can.

  5. Mrs. O Post author

    To all our friends in the EW I duly appreciate your condolences to me and my family.
    Indeed things are very tough for me now, Billy my only right hand son , supporter and encourage has gone and nothing we can do but to continue praying and boosting for all the programs to flourish.
    It’s been terrible to us since the beginning of the year, we lost Christine through poisoning ,Don Croft via plain crush and now Billy a young man through road crush. We know all these are due to the existence of dark powers which tend to derail our motive in gifting , but I do believe that our work must go on.


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