Update from Gare on 57th b/d sept6/2018

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Has been a long time since My last Gifting report , nevertheless the Gifting of inexpensive metal crammed Orgonite tb’s has continued unabatedly. Just finishing My greenhouse season was one reason for lack of posting but main problem has been having all My devices destroyed repeatedly. Being an Orgonite Warrior has many obstacles. Most of You know the majority of those come from within Our Own Families , sad but true. If Your reading this please help Me by sending Your Loving Boosts to My eldest Son Mathew as He needs it most right now. Mathew always has been attacked the hardest of All and there are, I believe, very specific reasons for this and they all originate with the CIA’s MONARCH PROGRAM as I’ve seen it unfold. Jeff’s latest post about the main problem with computers is it encourages its users to off ThemSelves is very real and Mathew’s Life is a testament on this.

My last few posts were also boosting requests to clear obstacles to get 2 drums of resin poured and I’m happy to report that is well on the way to being Gifted and will report on some of those Gifting runs after a few more paragraphs of importance.

Posting Our experiences before during and after pouring and Gifting Orgonite serves 2 main purposes. First it helps to clear the way of obstacles We encounter a perfect example of obstacles and harassment being cleared is this year while pouring there was zero harassment from the POLICE, FIRE and AMBULANCE services in the city of REGINA! You may recall I had posted about My suspicions that THEY had some kind of a Por meter deployed in REGINA because every time resin was catalyzed pouring the 2017 drum SIRENS, ROADBLOCKS and general POLICE HARRASMENT happened within 20 minutes. Believe it was just the fact that I reported it caused it to cease! Second reason for posting is that it encourages others to become Orgonite Warriors and for those that already are it is encouraging to read similar experiences of Others.

Many years ago the REGINA POLICE SERVICE seen to it that My DRIVERS LICENSE was taken away till sometime in 2024 so that means to safely travel and Gift Orgonite in SASK I must go with another. This has allowed Me to introduce Gifting to many more. This year 3 new Orgonite Gifters were introduced to Our favorite crime of littering.

The most notable of all those Gifting runs I wish to report on now and it will be followed by a copy and paste of Gaylord’s report in His Own words.

Gaylord first came to My greenhouse 3 years ago. He was working then but has since been retired with lots of free time on His hands so when I asked Him to drive Orgone and I around Gifting He was delighted to help. Many many new DEATH TRANSMITTERS had been erected in and around REGINA over the last 10 years since I moved to Asia so many new gifting runs were needed. When I first started Gifting shortly after 9-11-01 there were approx 350 main DOR/CELL TRANSMITTERS and today those numbers have swelled to approx 1000. Gaylord loaded 6 pails of tb’s into the truck bed and We decided to do every grid road and highway leaving REGINA to the west and worked Our way north then east. South to west Orgone and I had already done earlier in the week with Donavan who used to work with My late Father in the greenhouse business over 20 years ago.

We were on a grid road north of REGINA and Gaylord said to Me that this Gifting thing was quite addictive with a big pleasant smile. My thoughts were that this was a good sign that He might turn into a lifelong Gifter. Literally within minutes the Operators were hard at work as the next several tosses I made all banged off metal road signs while We cruised by. I could have never hit consecutive signs like that even if I tried to! There were 2 more transmitters up ahead, the first one My toss took an unreal backwards bounce and rolled back uphill onto the road shoulder. Told Gaylord lets go up a few more miles to get the second TOWER turn around then He can stop on shoulder I got out bent down to pick up tb and sitting right beside it was a near perfect 6″ wide heart shaped granite rock! Picked it up knowing the Operators rerouted that tb toss right to the heart granite to serve as Gaylords first confirmation of His Selfless service for Humanity! Orgone loved that rock and wanted to give it to His Mommy but I explained to Him that it had to go to Gaylord but Mommy could take a picture of it. Quite often when the Operators are at work handing out confirmations They do so in spades and that afternoon was memorable. We were rolling up to a stop sign so I did a looping right hand toss out the passenger window across top of truck into opposite ditch and the tb did the most amazing thing. It rolled back uphill again out of ditch rolled back onto highway right in front of truck over to passenger side and stopped right beside passenger door just as We finished rolling to a complete stop so all I had to do was open door reach down pic up tb and retoss! Been getting confirmations like this repeatedly over all these years, so many that I’ve forgotten far more than I could ever remember!

Now here is Gaylord’s report of the same Gifting run…

My first gifting trip with Gare and Or was totally fantastic. Very addictive in a pleasant way. Makes you definitely want to do more for the cause. I feel very good inside myself right now for helping out in a small way. Funny how things happen to show you are on the right track. We tossed out orgonite from passenger side of truck over truck to ditch on drivers side of truck. Orgonite went in ditch and came out of ditch rolled in front of truck to passengers side and stopped beside passenger side door. As if to say toss to a better location. Tossed out another orgonite that landed in the wrong location. When Gare got out to recover orgonite to re- toss to the right location he found a heart shaped rock. We kept the rock as a keepsake of my first gifting trip. But just think what are the odds of finding a heart shaped rock on a grid road in the middle of nowhere. Only to be found because of a gifting trip. Was a great experience and will definitely be doing more gifting. Thanks to Gare and Or for a great trip.


Writing this in a word program then I will copy and paste onto ethericwarriors.com as I learned to do it this way after many years of having posts disappear right in front of Me while trying to post. Just that fact alone should be enough to make any reasonably thinking Person wonder why all the bother for someOne who just mixes metal and resin! Lol Of course reasonably thinking People are a big rarity these days and I’m pleased that You have taken Your time to read Our report.

There will be more reports to follow grid willing including another entire SE Asian country that has had minimal reporting on which btw just recently experienced massive flooding and dam breaks. Some of You will probably recall the massive flooding We were responsible for in Thailand a couple years after We started Gifting here in late 2008 and yes flooding causes mudslides and yes People pass over to be with The Creator when these things happen, but how many more multiples more do not have to because of cleaner air and much much less DEATH ENERGY floating on the airwaves?

Also waiting for a report from Brother Kel who is on His way doing another western Canadian gifting run to stop over 700 forest fired deliberately set by SECRET AGENTS working on a different AGENDA to Our Own. Some may recall a since destroyed report I wrote 4 years back under similar conditions. In that case We put an end to almost 1000 forest fires and in fact there was so much rain in BC as a result of Our Gifting that the YVR runways were closed a few minutes after We took off for ASIA and the power to over half a million residents was knocked out. That was all widely reported of course except the facts of the limited Orgonite Gifting that was done in late August that year that caused it all. One other carefully omitted not reported fact was how many Hundreds of thousands of People could now breath properly and didn’t have to risk DEATH from respiratory ailments!

Keep Gifting All, even one small can of resin poured into 3 oz tb’s and reGifted to previously Gifted areas causes amazing confirmations as long as those moods are crammed with little bits of metal, saw shavings best and please don’t waste valuable metal space with any crystal bigger than half Your pinky finger ok?

Gare Clement

10 thoughts on “Update from Gare on 57th b/d sept6/2018

  1. Gare Clement Post author

    Thx Tomas, hope to see You soon, will be here till end March ’19. Because of the massive increase in the increasingly worthless US FIAT those resin drums in KANADA delivered were near 2k a piece :-(. Next week I plan to check pricing with My local supplier here but surely it will only be a fraction of KANADIAN prices as the I increasingly worthless KANADA LOONEY is dropping hard. What are You having to pay for drums in KORONA’s there or is it priced in EURO’z When We first came to here in ’08 LOONEY’s fetched 32 BAHT now today it’s down to 24 and change.

    1. Gare Clement

      Thx Ben! Motivating All to step up Their Gifting and encouraging newcomers are My intentions here . It is really the Operators running the show and is My pleasure to play My part in it.

  2. Jeff Miller

    Gare, great to hear from you! Great stuff, please keep it coming.

    Gaylord, welcome, nice to ‘meet’ you…

    Gare, re: your comment “There will be more reports to follow grid willing including another entire SE Asian country that has had minimal reporting on which btw just recently experienced massive flooding and dam breaks.”

    I’m sure you didn’t intend it, but this sentence makes it appear to the reader that “Orgonite leads to large scale negative outcomes for the populace”, e.g. flooding and dam breaks.

    Yes, the record rainfall that’s driving booming, burgeoning life and record harvests around the globe is at times accompanied by dam breaks and flooding. Both of which of course existed prior to the record rainfall.

    It’s not what we say, so much as how we say it. I’d ask you to be circumspect with your language as the whole world is literally watching, here.

    I pointed out the same tactic in another comment within the last couple of months here on the forum. It’s one of the few anti-Orgonite memes that one sees (along with “it spoils over time”, and “it’s o.k. if you replace metal with glitter”, to name just two). I wouldn’t want yours to misconstrued.

    Thanks for getting active and for telling about it, here.

  3. Gare Clement

    Thx for pointing out My less then prudent posting errors Jeff, writing has never been My strong suit like it is for You. Certainly My intentions are never to tell Orgonite can do harm because it simply can not! When everything has been MANIPULATED for so many hundreds, if not thousands of years, it will take some time to get the keel level again. Orgonite has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time it’s simply the most amazing thing ever to exist! When I first was awestruck by Orgonites ability to heal everything it turned Me ecstatic and the fact that any Child can do anything We All do with a handful of pocket change its like wow! Humanity is finally going to win the etheric energy war being waged against Us and this will be with relatively few even aware We are at war!

    It’s so fantastic it makes Me giddy lol.

    Have never not been active doing the work but yes not reporting often enough makes one falsely appear inactive. Hardly My fault though as between just finishing 5 mnths work of 12-14 hr days 7 days a wk is My annual squedule but 2018 has been the most stressful year ever and haven’t had a decent sleep in now 10 days probably makes Me incoherent so I must apologize. A week ago today We had another run in with CHINA CUSTOMS where THEY were refusing Mathew entry into CHINA threatening to send Him back again claiming He does not obey THEIR LAWS. That was all over a 1 week overstay this past March and I thank All again who boosted Mathew to get Him out of that. With All My devices being destroyed I had to do all the boosting last week unassisted but thankfully it was enough. Thx again Jeff, I really enjoy Your posts, keep up the great work and please continue to point out any false impressions I may leave with My lack of writing skills.

  4. Gaylord

    Thanks to Jeff for accepting me to the forum. Gifting done by myself to Swift Current and back. Nothing out of the ordinary took place but it did rain when I returned to Regina. Thanks too all.

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