They are Liars!

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Hello EW, The news media has been blabbing about how dangerous “hurricane gordon” was going to be by the time it made landfall in harrison county Ms. many reports were saying it was even going to go straight up Hwy 49.  But just like tropical wave Nate last year where they kept calling it a category 2 hurricane, they blew this tropical wave out of  proportion too. they kept calling it Hurricane Gordon, but supposedly it only had 65 MPH sustained winds. I don’t see how it had even that with the fact it never organized into real tropical storm even. there was only very minor circulation that they kept trying to blow up into something more,   As I expected, when it hit the wall of good energy at the edge of Harrison county, just as Nate did, it pushed north into Jackson county where i haven’t gifted the weather weaonry yet. I dont know how strong it really was, because they lied about so much on this storm its impossible to tell the truth. I just wanted to point out it was a non event, even for jackson county and mobile. they had some wind, but it wasnst anything life threatening unless you were navigating mobile bay in a dinghy! lol

I know that just like nate it never had an eye wall, and looked  like a tropical depression when it came ashore, barely circulating. In fact just like nate, it tried to form up and have circulation when it reached shore due to the bad energy over that way where it went ashore, but fell apart anyway just as it went ashore. They even set a curfew in Harrison county from 7pm yesterday until 7am this morning, we never had wind gusts over 5 mph even, hell, we never had any wind or rain of any kind. the storm center went ashore about 50 miles to the east of us, between Mobile and Pascagoula, yet they kept lying saying it was going to be a direct hit on the Biloxi/Gulfport area, They were still claiming this an hour after it made landfall between Jackson county Ms and Mobile AL. WTF? Do they think we are so stupid that we cant look at the radar on the internet? THEY ARE LOSING!

3 thoughts on “They are Liars!

  1. Morgan

    Thanks for the honest update Ed. I was curious as to how this storm was going to move. You cannot trust the TV for even the most basic of information. Stay dry!

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