Gifting in Dry places around Kisumu

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For the  last  one  week I have  been  concentrating  my  gifting  work  in some  of the  dry places  in Kisumu. Kisumu as  we all  know not be  along  the  shore  of  Lake  Victoria,  during the  sunny period like now  which is  our summer the sun is directly at the  tropical  of  cancer, the sun  is  very hot. So on this  account  I cannot sit back but  to see  that  we  gift such areas to at  least  have some  rainfall  that  can  sustain them.

I also  had  an  humble time to train some  farmers  who are tilling their  lands at  the  moment for  the  planting time  which  is  due in  a month time. I also  had  time to distribute  to them some  orgonites  that  they  can  use  in their  farming activities. Our major  concern  and  desire  is to see our  farmers  succeeding in  their  works to minimize the  food  shortage. I know  the  work which  I id  there  will  produce good  fruits that  will  improve  the  lives  of  the  people.

Mrs. O

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