My Mission in Mombasa

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The gifting which I did in Mombasa for the last two day is quite outstanding. I managed  to explore  the  areas which  had  been dominated  by the  shark together  with  other  big species  of  fish  found in the  salty  water  of  that  big  Ocean. I again managed to interact with some fishermen including some of the Arabs. Through that I god  a  good  time  to introduced  them  to the orgonite  which  could  make  their  fishing to be much. I also  got  another  time  to train  some  of the  them  the  basic  benefit  of the  orgonite, and  how  the  orgonite  can  boost  their  fishing industry.


3 thoughts on “My Mission in Mombasa

  1. Dancan Post author

    Today I extended my gifting to Kilifi on the northern parts of Mombasa. That place besides its being known for tourism industry , it’s also good for both fishing and farming. I got a good time with a number of fishermen and I had to distribute to them some good quantity of the orgonite. I managed to get a boat which I used to sail through as I did gifting in the ocean. I will keep on updating you on the progress of my coastal gifting.

  2. Dancan Post author

    My mission in both Kilifi and Mombasa was highly marked with a great success. I got a full opportunity to lecture several fishermen in Kiliffi more about the effectiveness of the orgonite in fishing production. During the cause of my work in the hot coastal region on the eastern part of Africa, I came across some fishermen who had known more about us three year ago in Mombasa. In fact me I could not recall them but luckily enough the good work the we always does work louder than ever. They managed to recognized me because I was the one whom they meet three years ago in Mombasa we had to have a quiet time to share a lot of new experiences .
    I also got a chance to reach several cashew nut farmers, whose works had never been successful after a period of time. I had to lecture them also on how the orgonite (Mbolea) can be applied as fertilizer to improve the crop yield. Beside doing all these, I also managed to single out some of the dry areas including the small Island within in the coastal strips along the ocean and did through gifting of the orgonite ( Mbolea). Its my trust that all will work well to improve the production in various capacities.
    we as the Kikundi we are going to continue doing gifting together with teaching people about the orgonite. Chris is planning to go to Southern Sudan tomorrow.

  3. Owuor Chris

    Thanks a lot Dancan for the good work that you have done in the Coastal region, i know all that you have done there will create a bigger impact to the communities living a long the Coastal region. Of late i witnesses a testimony from one guy from Arabia who had known more about the work that we are doing. And for sure now am so optimistic that the result is going to be more classic.


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