Gifting specific buildings…

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Hey all, next in the back-log is a special trip I made to our local Planned Parenthood location. Now this is not about debating the subject of Legalized Infanticide, but trying to help some of the awful energy from this death factory move out of the environment. I loaded up a bucket of gifts and headed into saturday traffic to do the job..

When I got the facility, I found a police officer behind the building cleaning out his car (disposing of evidence?) so I left and found the nearest tower to gift and give him time to leave..

After a jumbo TB got placed in it’s vicinity, I went back to check on the PP facility. I would like to add that when I pulled into the parking lot the first time BEFORE I saw the cop, I had a strong sense of foreboding, an urgent mental message of “Danger, don’t do this..” which I new was B.S and most likely an attempt to back me off my mission…well it didn’t work 🙂

This place backs up to a popular water park, primarily visited by children. A sick juxtaposition. I gifted it with several jumbo TB’s in a partial necklace around the back and side. I felt good about my effort, and left to go to my next target, the local Masonic hall. But on the way…..

next was the closest Hive to my house…it got three jumbo TB’s

And of course, right next to it was a tower so it got my last piece to end a successful run..

And as a back-to-school special, I made sure to over-gift the schools with towers right over the school in my neighborhood..only one but it’s an Elementary school. Now thoroughly gifted

That’s it for now, but I still have more to post.

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