Gifting on two wheels instead of four

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Hey Everyone, next up in my gifting backlog is a cycling run I made about a month and a half ago. I hadn’t been on a bike in quite sometime, and it felt terrific to ride AND spread the Orgonite love. The impetuous for this trip was a big tower I passed often but couldn’t get from the road BUT! the local bike path goes right under it’s nose so it was time to get pedaling.

7 jumbo TB’s (three are hidden by the bag..)with Shungite powder in my biker bag ready to go make a difference

The sky when i started. Soupy and quite a few spew planes out doing their thing.

First stop was the tower

This one went deep into a swampy Kudzu patch.

Next one went into a large swampy field behind an office park. I had to wait foe all of the “Smartphone” zombies to shuffle past on their lunch break before I chucked my gift.

Next was a pond on the other side of the office park. This one had big power lines running over the water, a great place for a piece!

O n my way back to the start point, I noticed a change starting to happen in the sky above me, I stopped at a park to rest and try to capture a picture of what I was seeing….

On the way back I noticed some graffiti below an overpass that had a negative vibe, so I gifted the creek right next to it. Gonna have to go back and see if anymore graffiti had shown up..

I’m not sure what these people were up to but I don’t think they’ll be comfortable doing it anymore now….

The last two pieces I had were for the local Mall which the path goes by. It happens to have a lake off to the side of it’s property and after a bit of scouting, I found a good access point and added my little gifts to the dirty looking body of water…

When I got back to the Gift-Mobile I felt great, and so did the sky. It had changed quite a bit from when i started. The soup was disappearing and the planes had gone away

Thanks for reading, and remember to get out and gift!


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