Gifting my Neighborhood playground Tower…

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Hey All, I’ve finally retrieved the photo’s off of the Ipod and wanted to share some over-due gifting reports. First some background; The closest tower to my house is in a popular park that is primarily used for sports, but also has playgrounds for the little ones. The Tower overlooks (glares might be an apt word..) one of these playgrounds and was the first thing I ever gifted with one of Andy S’s conical TB when I started back in January. As I became able to make my own, I made sure that a portion of those pieces made their way into the park to add to the Orgone field, but had the distinct feeling that some were disappearing after I placed them. About a month ago now, I felt it was time to go back and add to the presence, so we walked over as a family and made an afternoon of it.


The sky had a troubled look as we walked to the far end of the park where the deathtower is located. First piece went into the stream that bisects the park into two parts. This stream, when we first moved here was very grimy looking with a strange sheen to the top of the water. After I placed the first piece into the water 4 months ago the water cleared up and remained that way. I like to re-gift it from time to time because it makes me feel good, and since the children from the ball-field play in the stream between games, the cleaner the better….

Next was the tower itself….

I triangulated the tower with three pieces. One in a swamp and two under the dirt 🙂

Sky starting to change with the Moon in the center on the way out of the park.

More to come, I have quite a back-log to get posted


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