“It is an affront to treat falsehood with complaisance.”

“It is an affront to treat falsehood with complaisance.”

Thomas Paine



It’s August, 2017, and Nature is booming and burgeoning to a level not seen in my lifetime. Since that statement directly refutes our State Religion, which holds that “Poor Mother Gaia is Dying, Crushed by the Virus-Like Burden of Mankind, I’ve appended numerous recent examples below to support it.

There’s a global news blackout in place in the subject, a blackout which uses a strict, formulaic language, a tool known as Propaganda. I’ve also heard it called neurolinguistic programming.

So I’ve been breaking it down here for a number of years, now.

I’m remember it as 1998 when I was mountain biking just up above Jim Thorpe, PA, and could concretely see and feel that Nature felt dead, stone dead. The aerosol operations up above were heavy and continuous, had just started. I started to hear about Orgonite in 2001, 2002.

Now here we are 20 years later and everything’s transformed. And no one’s talking about it.

So that’s where we are.


20, 2017 – Massachusetts – Holyoke fish lift sees large numbers of shad passing over dam this season

As the American shad migration upstream comes to a close, the numbers of fish passing over the Holyoke dam this year has been encouragingto fish biologist and those from who operate the Robert E. Barrett Fishway.

On July 2, the total number of fish to be successfully lifted over the dam was 536,525 — a 150,595 rise from last year’s final total. This number has only been surpassed once, when a record 732,336 shad successfully passed the dam during the 1992 migration season.

(They quick switch to a different story, to take away the mention of the number it’s 150,000 more than. They hedged by using the queasy, gentler “Rise”, to soften the impact. – ed)


January 1, 2018 – Young Walleye Population Booming on Lake Sakakawea


NORTH DAKOTA — Officials with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department say flooding from seven years ago is helping with the young walleye population on state lakes.

The department says they’ve recorded the fourth-highest catch of the fish in Lake Sakakawea in a half-century.

Lake Sakakawea reservoir is on the Missouri River and officials say because the flood changed the river channel downstream of the dam, there is a number of young fish that still need time to feed and grow.

The department also cites a rebounding of the smelt population for another reason for the high numbers.

(no specific numbers, zero – ed)


January 5, 2018 – What’sBehind a Surge in Stingray Attacks?

Stingrays love warm water. … “We’ve had an increase in the last two years,”


May 28, 2018 – New Zealand – Native bird numbers double during 20-year Department of Conservation pest control study


Summer 2018 – Florida’s Wading Birds Are Nesting In Droves This Year

An extra-wet rainy season shows that, given a chance, the Everglades ecosystem can bounce back from a century of abuse.

In the cypress woods of Audubon’s Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, the ponds seemed to be boiling. It was a devilishly hot April day in the western Everglades, but it wasn’t heat roiling the water—it was fish: juvenile bowfin, catfish, and other freshwater species trapped in shrinking seasonal pools.

Biologists have taken to the air, land, and water to search for nests in the Everglades Protection Area, which includes Everglades National Park and conservation areas to the north. Surveyors have counted 3,141 Wood Stork nests, more than double the 10-year average, and some 8,000 Great Egret nests, about 25 percent above average. White Ibises were breeding in droves, with 34,400 nests tallied, 50 percent more than usual. At one ibis rookery called Alley North, up to 18,000 pairs congregated, a possible record for the site. Viewed from a Cessna circling at 1,000 feet, ibises appeared as white sprinkles among the broccoli-colored willows; for miles around the colony, they clustered in pools dotting the sawgrass prairie, filling up on fish and crabs before winging it home.

(The tirelessly played “increased awareness” candard – ed)


July 25, 2018 – New York Sets a New Record as Bald Eagle Breeding Numbers Soar


August 9, 2018 – Bird watching season: Increased number of Pelicans at Skadar Lake

…the population of the pelican in Skadar lake increased by 58 chicks…

(The only specific number provided – does not connect the number 58 to any other number)


August 14, 2018 – Happy dace for River Tyne fish survey

The Environment Agency joined forces with expert anglers for the second year running to carry out an important survey to assess the numbers of dace.

The survey this year was particularly successful in that it showed goodnumbers of young dace in the middle reaches of the North Tyne. This contrasted with the 2017 survey when almost all dace caught were older fish.

(no specific numbers, not one – ed)


August 14, 2018 – Big fish numbers up in North Sea: Danish study

Species of fish such as plaice and cod are on the increase under the waves of the North Sea, a Danish study has found.

The research, conducted by DTU Aqua at the Technical University of Denmark, found a significant increase in numbers of large fish in the northeast Atlantic.

Results of the study show that, since the turn of the century, the biomass of 25 different species included in the study doubled. Certain species, including plaice, cod and hake, tripled or even quadrupled over the period.

Although overfishing in the area is a concern that has been reported in the past, the results of the study are “a success story for European fisheries administration,” DTU Aqua head of department Ken Haste Andersen told Ritzau.

“This is good news that is a little surprising. Many of the populations of large fish are actually on their way up after many years of overfishing, which sent them close to the bottom,” Andersen said.

(The words “mystery“, “baffled” and “puzzled” are memes, used, among numerous similar variants, whenever anyone in the wholly-controlled-and-coopted Political, Academic, Scientific Media establishments wants to lie about, well, basically anything. One of those variants is “surprising.” They went even deeper by hedging a second time with “a little surprising.”

We have been able to control the amount of fishing so that these species have been able to come back again,” he said.

Similar trends have also been observed in other parts of the world where administration of fishing functions effectively, he added.

Fishing has, however, yet to reach a sustainable level in all aspects, according to the DTU Aqua head of department.

Some species have reach a level of sustainability, but others are not there yet,” he said.

Other seas around Denmark, the Kattegat and Baltic seas, still face challenges in preserving fish populations, Andersen added.

“In the eastern Baltic Sea near Bornholm, for example, we have seen the strangetrend of cod becoming thin and weak. We don’t know exactly why,” he said.

(The words “mystery“, “baffled” and “puzzled” are memes, used, among numerous similar variants, whenever anyone in the wholly-controlled-and-coopted Political, Academic, Scientific Media establishments wants to lie about, well, basically anything. One of those variants is “strange.”

That’s a cover for an animal-killing op executed by what we euphemistically call “secret agents” to try to prop up the failing and wholly-fraudulent “Poor Mother Gaia is Dying” confidence game on behalf of the barely-closeted Death worshippers they work for – ed)

The DTU Aqua study is based on data from 2016. Biomass is a measure of the total mass of fish within a given area.


August 8, 2018 – Fishing is booming for Lake Erie walleye, perhaps the best-tasting fresh water fish

Fishing is booming for Lake Erie walleye, perhaps the best-tasting … In 2018, the lake is estimated to hold an unprecedented 140 million walleye. … Record high Lake Erie walleye numbers seemto have impacted the market.

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