Zambia Mission

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My mission  to Zambia was very much  successful I managed to meet all  my  farmers whom I had  introduced to our  orgonites some  years  back. And  even in January this  year  I was  there  and  in fact the  work is  doing well. In fact those people grow vegetables i.e.  Cabbage, onions and carrots. In  January this year when I was  there  we had to introduce them to another species of crop called  Lavender plants , its  flowers produce good nectar that bees  use to make white honey good for export. I gave them orgonite and last week I saw a good result, in fact the work was very much promising. Not  only  that  they have  even  started muringa farming, in fact there  is  a group there that will take both green  and dry leaves to manufacture different  kinds of products. So it’s my real pleasure to see a good work there.

The pictures bellows show, vegetable and lavender plants still in the nursery.


Lavender plants.



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  1. Mrs. O

    Thanks a lot Chris for the good work that you have done there in Zambia. In fact its true that the tiresome work that you did in Malawi and Zambia had really create a complete desire for the Bilo orgonite. We are quite optimistic that we are going to continue with the work of gifting no mtter what!!
    Mrs. O


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