“A man has GOT to know his limitations.”

“A man has got to know his limitations.”

Harry Callahan, from “Magnum Force“, 1973




It came to my attention recently that someone booted from the forum for, er, serially unhelpful posts had called for MY ouster just prior to the door hitting them on the ass on their way out, here. Called for it behind my back, mind you! With their charge being “he doesn’t post gifting reports.

I called them out on what I saw as suspect behavior whenever I had the chance, and always did it face to face, in public.

They never once responded, because that’s how the strict orders from the guys topside in their intel unit came down.

Can you can see how keeping a false face in public, and working behind the scenes to divide and defray, is how they do their business?

I began gifting in 2003, and became member of this forum in 2007, now eleven years ago. So I gifted for a solid decade prior to taking up this thread, with the last six of those ten years published as gifting reports on this forum. 500 TB’s, I’d guess? Maybe 750. A tiny number compared to many others, to be sure.

But within that larger context I think it’s cheering and instructive that “he’s not posting gifting reports!” is the very best an agent provacateur could or can muster, here. And the fact that they hissed it to others in the shadows shows you just how terrible their position is from a tactical perspective.

Please consider sending them highest Love energy as you read this.

Some great stuff down below just in from Fran of orgonite.eu – thanks, Fran! It’s a good news compendium from the mainstream Corbett report. It’s of great interest to me, because, prior to this thread, the mainstream “good news” sources featured only puppy rescues, happy lottery winners and the like. Positive, to be sure, but not striking at the root with quotes like this one:

“From game-changing legal decisions to the turn away from zombie tech, here’s all the news that’s actually fit to print.”

We’re reading quotes like that on a Mainstream website –  that’s a first, from my perspective.

It’s there because the folks in charge are shitting bricks, and hoping to ride this thing out without losing their jobs – and I’m personally doing my best to make sure that doesn’t happen.

I suggest the fact that they are taking pages out of my playbook shows you that I’m controlling the game. They’re now having to dignify these subjects with a reply, and cast them as “good news” – or be seen as the Organ of the State that they are. Can you see how they’ve just gone a bit more underground, pulled their heads down, a bit?

It’s obviously time that we press the advantage. I’d ask the reader to please consider helping me pick up the slack on the gifting side by distributing simple, inexpensive Orgonite devices where you live and work today, or by sponsoring a gifter, perhaps even through a vehicle such as this forum.

As Carol noted most recently, we need people to continue to step up and gift, and, optimally, post their subjective impressions and confirmations here on this forum.

Fran, thanks again  for the positivity.



August 13, 2018


It’s summer! Let’s turn off the 24/7 doomporn newsfeed and tune in to some good news for a change. From game-changing legal decisions to the turn away from zombie tech, here’s all the news that’s actually fit to print.

#GoodNewsNextWeek from MediaMonarchy

Monsanto ordered to pay $289m damages in Roundup cancer trial

Brazil judge suspends use of agrochemical glyphosate

AMI Smart Meter DEFEAT At New Mexico Public Regulation Commission

The cashless society myth: PayPal, Square, and bitcoin have not stopped cash from being a growth business

France Bans Smartphones From Schools

Flip phones are back: Less distracting and a lot cheaper than a smartphone

For many kids, summer means powering down for camp

Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Going To War With Iran, New Poll Finds


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