Kinesiological Test With Orgonite

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This is a kinesiological test using a cell phone and orgonite. First, raise your arm 90 degrees away from your body and have someone gently press down on your arm. You should be able to resist. Now, hold your arm straight out while with the other hand hold a turned-on cell phone a few inches from your chest. Then have someone gently press down on your arm. Most times, muscles weaken and you can’t resist the pressure and your arm is easily pushed down. Next, do the same while continuing to still hold the cell phone by your chest but now holding a piece of orgonite in your other hand. Then, have someone gently press down on your arm (that is holding orgonite) and your resistance returns.

This basic test shows the power of orgonite in your energy field to override the weakening effects of harmful microwaves. If you don’t want to use a cell phone, alcohol, coffee, sugar, caustic cleaning substances are also known to weaken energy field.

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      Caustic – able to burn or corrode organic tissue by chemical action,

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