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Files were organized in the best way possible and there is an ongoing effort to remove duplicates.
Some files are very slow to open as they try to pull online resources that don’t exist anymore. To save time you can try opening a bunch at once.
Archives backup (ZIP)
Partial backup, no duplicates (ZIP)

A couple of more files from a recovered database.
Smaller file (Excel spreadsheet)
Larger file (Excel spreadsheet)

Have fun!

6 thoughts on “EW Archive

  1. Andrew

    Hi, I know that Don was having a backup but was encrypted and the password was missing.
    Why don’t use some services that sells servers ‘time’ for decrypting it by brute force?
    Probably expensive…

    1. Carlos Silva

      Andrew, I don’t believe your comment is helping or adding anything to the discussion.
      We’ve just published years of Etheric Warriors history. I can’t expect everyone to be happy about it but I can ask you personally to try and inspire us with your constributions 😉
      Thank you.

  2. Frode

    Carlos, thank you for doing this. Been thinking for a while how important it is to have an independent copy of EW, it is a historical record after all. I actually started saving posts manually earlier this year from archive.org, but didn’t complete it. Good to see you have it covered.


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