Words of Encouragment from Carol Croft

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Our friend Jack Musick shot this short video of Carol, Stevo and myself the day after Don’s memorial. Jack also filmed the memorial and is working to get it edited so we can post it. Thanks to Jack for all his hard work!

~ Dooney

Carol’s GoFundMe link

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12 thoughts on “Words of Encouragment from Carol Croft

  1. Carl

    I have 2,000 tbs in my garage that will be gifted in the next few months! Not to mention 50 ep’s and 3 cloud busters. This movement is never going to die! Don may rest in peace as we continue what he started.Thanks Don!

  2. Lisa Robles

    Thank you for this video – I will continue to support your work and Don’s with HHG’s and TB’s and making my first CB for my back yard which would help. Please continue posting on how we can help, any direction would be appreciated and my helping our planet ascend would continue through my means of meditation and positive visualizations. Much love and appreciation to you. Liza.

  3. Paul The Bruce

    Carol, my condolences…I cant believe we lost one of the greatest warriors we had….don was my hero. what a great man, and will be sorely missed.
    Im sure Don would have wanted us to carry on the fight against the tyrants and their atrocities they perpetrate on the people of this world. We shall continue the war and win….for one of our angels has earned his wings! Fly higher my friend, Peace. Out

  4. Ricardo Ribeiro

    Don’s legacy shall continue. Thanks to him and Carol i learned about orgonite, SBB coils, Don’s terminator zapper and how to make such simple tools. I made and gifted orgonite and zappers and shared the techniques with others.

    Don is now alive in the non physical dimension free of time and space. He may decide to help with the gifting efforts from there.

    A lot of good changes have taken place in the last two decades and a lot of hidden manipulators are getting exposed globally. People are awakening by the thousands.

    We’ll gift, zap and teach while working on our inner selves till the world is free of the parasites feeding on humanity.

    A world of love, laughter and joy, it’s time has come!


    I heard about the news yesterday. I´m without words, I thought Don Croft would survive us all. I´m really shocked. Thanks Don Croft and Carol Croft for the support you gave me. Thanks for all the teatchings, thanks for everything I´ve learnt from you. Thanks Don for believing in me when I didn´t believe in myself. I´m sorry if I dissapointed you.

  6. Jay

    Hi, Peace and Love to you all!
    Can you Please teach us how to make a “Succor Punch”?

    Thank you,

    1. Carlos Silva

      Maybe someone else can answer this better, but I believe that to make a succour punch you basically wrap a mobius coil around a crystal and connect both ends to a zapper circuit – the current pulsed through the coil is what turns a regular crystal and funny looking wire into a succour punch.

  7. Jen M.

    Oh Carol, I am so sorry to hear of Don’s passing! I haven’t been on the ‘puter for a long time, please accept my condolences. 🙁
    He was nice and would answer any question, even stupid ones from me.
    God bless ya, Don!

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