Words of Encouragment from Carol Croft


Our friend Jack Musick shot this short video of Carol, Stevo and myself the day after Don’s memorial. Jack also filmed the memorial and is working to get it edited so we can post it. Thanks to Jack for all his hard work!

~ Dooney

6 thoughts on “Words of Encouragment from Carol Croft

  1. Carl

    I have 2,000 tbs in my garage that will be gifted in the next few months! Not to mention 50 ep’s and 3 cloud busters. This movement is never going to die! Don may rest in peace as we continue what he started.Thanks Don!

  2. Lisa Robles

    Thank you for this video – I will continue to support your work and Don’s with HHG’s and TB’s and making my first CB for my back yard which would help. Please continue posting on how we can help, any direction would be appreciated and my helping our planet ascend would continue through my means of meditation and positive visualizations. Much love and appreciation to you. Liza.


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