Summer weather and Social Engineering, August, 2018

The news here in New York just said “how long will this dangerous heat last?” The high today was 88. Continuing some of the most beautiful Summer weather I can remember. Fine, high, breezy, just perfect.

While I was bike riding today after work I saw two different people today with bags of ice on them. A lady on the street on 7th avenue right near my apartment had it ostentatiously and outrageously on top of her head, while she talked with a couple of friends. Another guy in the park had it on the back of his neck.

On the elevator this morning, someone said to someone else: “how was your weekend?” The woman answered “okay…it was just so HOT. It was horrible!”

Saturday and Sunday – yesterday and the day before – the high temperature in New York was 84 degrees.


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  1. Edward

    i remember living in upstate new york, Kingston area, in the early to mid eighties, and continued visiting until the late eighties; and it routinely got into the mid nineties at the peak of summer. 84 degrees is warm, but not hot, not even for upstate New York. i see it here all the time, people forget how hot it used to get because we are getting older, and most people tolerate the heat less the older they get. i remember as a child here on the MS coast it often got into the hundreds, 105 even, and this was before the “heat index” bullshit. 105 was the actual temperature in the shade. It often got into the low hundreds in the afternoon right before the afternoon thundershowers cooled everything off. those afternoon thundershowers came everyday from some time in june until late august early sept. EVERYDAY it rained and cooled things off. Now, more people complain about the heat, and it is easliy 7-10 degrees cooler this year than it was in the 1970’s. We have only had a few days where the actual temps went above 95 this summer. yet everyone is acting like it’s the hottest summer ever. even people who should know better. it drives me nuts i tell you!

    we have afternoon thundershowers once in a while now, but haven’t seen the everyday ones since the late 1990’s. Before i started gifting along the coast, we often had droughts that lasted all summer long.(i wasn’t complaining much because as a direct result the fishing was awesome, higher salinity= better inshore fishing) Thank God that drought cycle has been partially broken because you couldn’t grow an organic garden in the city relying soley on rain water like you used to be able to do. it rains now, just not everyday like it used to. You at least can do it now, but you need rain barrels to capture as much rain as possible or you wont have enough water for the garden. Before we didn’t need rain barrels at all, in fact we had to plant in such a way that excess water would run off and not puddle in the garden or your crops would rot because there was so much rain.
    Anyway, i guess i have more work to do to restore the natural weather patterns here.


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