Gifting in Lake Tanganyika

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The work which I did in Lake Tanganyika has created a big impact to the fishermen there. In  fact I even  met  some  fishermen whom we  had  earlier met  before from Zambia and  Congo. They told  me  that  they  had  met  some  of  our  gifters  before and  my  presence there  really  encouraged  them  so much. I  took good  time  with  them and  this  time  I had  to introduce  them  to our  powerful  Bilo that  is  more  effective than  the  normal orgonite  which  we  used  to  make before.

I then  further  taught  the  fishermen how  they  can  gift in the  water  at the  times  when  the  fishing is  in the  progress. I was  thinking I would  come  back today  but  the  workload  could  not  allow  me  so hope to be  back  home  in Kenya  likely  by Tuesday or Wednesday. To this  end  we  are  quite  optimistic that we will  continue  with the  work to see the  well-being  and  the  success  of  our  environments.


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  1. Dancan Post author

    The result of the works which i did in Lake Tanganyika produced a good and a lasting result. In fact the fishermen whom i met there most of them i found when had know the orgonite long before. Some of them i found to known the orgonite from Chris in Zambia, while some of them had came across the knowledge of the orgonite from Congo. Only that my being there had given them much and imaginable hope that will enable them to move even further,
    Within this my visit i managed to have good time to equip most of them on how the orgonite works, they were very much positive i duly trust that all is going to work well no matter what circumstances.
    I taught them how one can do gifting at the times of doing fishing all together. In fact while preparing the fishing nets for fishing. The bottom parts of the nets they do put the stones while on the upper parts of the nets they put floters to make the net straight while in the water. So i taught them to include the ogronites on the lower parts of the nets to make it very attractive for the fish. Doing this will make the net attractive and much fish will subsequently get attracted to the net and thus the rates of the catch will increase.
    In this mission , i also got an opportunity to meet the farmers whom i also managed to give the orgonites to help them improve the farming around. Farmers of Cassava, cashew nuts, bananas together with the sorghum will benefit a lot. Its my due trust that all the work which i did there there will bear fruits that will last lifetimes.


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