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Hi All, my computer problems continue so I’ve not been able to write reports they way I like with nice photos of my adventures, but I felt it necessary to share this one pics or not. Two years ago, there was a horrible murder of two teen lovers behind a Publix supermarket near my house. The killer when caught was obviously a disturbed young man, who complained of voices in his head and in court, demonstrated very strange behavior (shaking, looking around at the ceiling mumbling nonsense.). From the start of the reports in the local news my gut told me this was not the case of a immature jealous young man, or even a bad kid from a bad home. It seemed to me there was a darker layer to this. At the time of the incident, I knew nothing of Orgonite, much less the power it has to lift negativity from physical areas. That’s all changed of course so on the two year anniversary of the murders August 1st, I took a special trip with two jumbo TB’s (all I had left at the time) to the site of the crime, it was also a great time to test out my new Succor-Punch from Quebec Orgone!  I found a nice pond very near the site, and in the pouring rain spoke to them telling them that I was very sorry for what happened to them and if they were still there that they no longer needed to be and could go into the loving ever-after to be with the Creator. I then chucked a TB into the pond and headed over to the High School these two children attended which happened to be right across the street. From the HS property I could see THREE towers standing over the school. One was of the red and white variety while the other two were regular “cell-towers”. I found a nice out-of-the way spot to place my gift, wished I had more with me and turned to home. I am not very energy sensitive, and couldn’t feel any type of release from my gifting but all the way home I had a strong sense of being very at-peace within myself and that what I had done was going to be beneficial to those departed souls, that school and shopping center.

Have a good week everyone!


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  1. Edward

    very nice Morgan. There is a murder sight in Long Beach Ms that i need to gift. When i was in my early 20’s, a girl i had a date with on saturday night, went to a pond on friday night, where everyone hung out. A lot of people hung out there but I had never been there. Anyway, she went there with some friends on that friday night, and her ex was there, he was abusive and crazy, he ended up murdering her that night and cut off her boobs. Needless to say no one hung out there anymore. i have been meaning to gift it but just haven’t yet. I didnt find out she was murdered until i got stood up for our date. I called her house to find out from her mom what happened. kind of weird how it all happened. i guess this sight is soley my responsibility now since i had a date with her the next night. no one else is gifting here that im aware of anyway, so I will most likely gift it when i earthpipe the underground ritual sight on the navy base that’s about a half mile away.

    1. Marcus McCarthy

      Hi Edward, I grew up with a Father in the navy and in Gautier/Pascagoula with frequent visits to Biloxi. Is Keebler AFB the base you were referring to nearby Long Beach? I look forward to reading more about your gifting of the area. -M&M

  2. Morgan

    Thanks Ed. I think that even if someone did gift that pond, with your connection to it a piece would mean a lot. I expected to see people holding a vigil at the site I gifted, but there was only a handful of flowers in the rain. Good luck with the Base!

  3. Edward

    Hello Marcus, Keesler AFB is the one in Biloxi, The CB base, which is the Navy Construction Battalion is the one in Gulfport. By chance are you related to a Paul McCarthy, from Bay St. Louis Ms?


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