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It stands out from my exchanges with Don over the years just how little energy was spent on the small and the petty. “Having an axe to grind” was one of his favorite expressions a few years back but his style of commentary seemed to become more graceful and effective in a way that was not confrontational, as the man refined himself. The reason why at 69 he had such a full and active life wasn’t just his zest or good health. He also tried not to waste time with the unimportant, rather looking for the practical, the useful and the positive.

Don was well aware of human shortcomings. Still, over the years he invited a multitude of people, all imperfect, as he was, and gathered us here because he recognized that more important than our imperfections was the work we were doing, the experiences we had to share and how we could inspire others to join us in the healing of this planet.

Not everything that is posted or commented here resonates with me, personally and that’s ok. We’re not meant to be a crowd pleaser though it’s encouraging to witness the rise in the popularity of orgonite.
Sometimes our desire for integrity leads to a lively discussion. The important thing is we continue respecting each other. Frank and intelligent contributions are encouraged, and even more so from readers. This is a gift, let us use it well 😉

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