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Some likely MM in this church and house frescoes, flipped some antennas. It does clarify that MM dont hold office directly, in the iconography is the Mother that has the crown and it is represented near authority figures, MM is normally solitary. Notice the contrast in the representation of the church fresco. I would not fully trust those who govern this site in the present times, due to the presence of invaders symbols.
The house is xiv century.

8 thoughts on “MM site, sky

  1. Edward

    hello silvio, can you kindly explain for the ignorant like me, what does the MM stand for? im having a little trouble trying to understand what your meaning of this post is. thanks.

  2. silvio nocerino

    I hope MM is something deep and your intuition gets it, I cannot explain though why a statue and mussels may have something in common.
    Don Croft passed away on the 21st of July, after 40 days of mourning, things changes.

  3. Jeff Miller

    What does the MM stand for? The letters “M” and “M” are short for something. They stand for something. They are an abbreviation for something. They are shorthand for something.

    I don’t understand why you are not answering Edward’s very simple question.

  4. Edward

    Frankly, i thought it meant Mary Magdeline too, but i believe the woman in the painting is Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the painting is a classic representation of the “ascension of Mary” that the catholics believe, i get this from being catholic until i was 25 and being educated in catholic schools. That’s why i was a bit confused honestly. (I’m not catholic anymore by the way.) So i believe that silvio believes this is the Mary that was the mother of Jesus also, so that’s why the confusion.

  5. Edu

    I remember Don commenting that Mary mother of Jesus is usually portrayed in blue, while Mary Magdalene is usually portrayed in red. So we have Mary Magdalene disguised as Mary mother of Jesus. This is supposedly done because Mary Magdalene importance was suppressed by the Catholics, I guess.

    Silvio, I enjoy your gifting reports and your sense for occult places but I have to admit that they are many times cryptic to me. I think the readers will benefit from more carefully written and well explained reports.

  6. Edward

    The title of the painting is “Assunta” which is “assumption” in english, and the “Assumption of Mary” is another way of saying “The Ascention of Mary” so basically the painting is representing “the ascention of Mary” the mother of Jesus. maybe he was trying to refer to the veiled symbolism that this may be mary magdeline portrayed here as Mary the mother of jesus, i dont know. but the painting is definitely about the ascention on the surface. i am quite sure though that it is definitely a place that needed gifting, so good job silvio!

  7. silvio nocerino

    Sorry or not writing clearly I realised it is not my personal blog and must write in a proper way with a clear maning.
    To day is leepless midsummer night, there have been release of calendars and bells ringing..
    Sites that have genuine energy get pirated, it could be even a simple visit and posing of a stone with a date or some relics. Anyway some things would be kept away from pubblicity. There could be symbilc meaning also in the knot of the cloths around the waist. There could be clues why the square of the church was dedicated to a 14th century Tuscan painter.
    Don was interested in a image of a madonna with two babies, I found and gifted a church and the sorroundng buidings and a small water stream near by. It had a immediate effect also on my perception, it could have links close by in the locals or there could be links far away, even via telluric faulst or underground cellars and caves.
    More sites become visible or can be found, Circle of stones behind fields, near water, play grounds, intersections, places of reunion from which roads and paths departs and also arrive.


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