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“Make room for my 45’s along beside your 78’s, nothing survives but the way we live our lives.”

Jackson Browne, from “Daddy’s Tune“, 1976




I was regretfully unable to attend the memorial service for Don. Dooney asked me if I’d like to prepare something for the service, and this is what I wrote.



When I first learned of Don Croft’s passing, I caught myself admonishing him, thinking “well, paragliding IS a very risky sport”. Then I laughed, as I realized that Earth-piping the underground base at Dulce, New Mexico is a much riskier sport than paragliding. And that’s just one example from Don’s life, out of countless others. Gifting Pluto’s cave. Gifting the Devil’s Punchbowl.

There’s a line in John Prine’s “In Spite of Ourselves” that goes “he’s got more balls than a big brass monkey.” That was Don Croft.

Back in the day, I was reading “The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft” as they were being published, and found them to be inspiring, and also very funny. For me, Don’s mixing of bravery and high adventure with off-handed witticisms, and then segueing into dry commentary on excellent restaurants in the area, lifted him up to a level that one could only hope to emulate.

And emulate him, I did. Readers of my thread on Don’s “Etheric Warriors” forum can confirm that I’ve lifted numerous aspects of his writing wholesale and made them my own, including speaking about difficult subjects via generalities, not listing one’s detractors by name, and of course trying to mix bravery and high adventure with off-handed witticisms.

In one of my posts in my thread, about burgeoning salmon populations in the Pacific, I referenced “them and their Illuminist fish-counter buddies.” Someone on the forum whose name I unfortunately do not recall said it was “the greatest Don-ism ever by anyone other than Don.”

I think they said that because the statement drives directly at the adversary, and yet is also casual, off-handed, and humorous. It’s foxhole humor, and that’s tied up with the fact that Don named the forum “Etheric Warriors.”

We all hope to make a mark while we are here, to “do something with our lives”. Side by side with his wife, Carol, Don Croft changed the world permanently for the better in numerous ways, while holding unfailingly to a course of service and humility.

And he was firm in his position that he was not the “head” of the Orgonite movement, but rather that the movement should have no head, at all, and so thus could not be beheaded – which is more genius.

He has passed on, sadly and suddenly, and I am left here behind, to keep on fighting the good fight, with him as the example for me as he has ever been.

Don Croft was simply incomparable, and I’m proud not only to have known him, but also to have counted him among my friends.

If you are so moved, please consider sending what you can to Don’s wife, Carol, to help defray the significant costs of Don’s final medical bills, and funeral arrangements.

Jeff Miller, July 24, 2018

Don Croft and Jeff Miller, PIttsburgh, Pennsylvania, Summer 2016


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  1. Andrea Sarandes

    I send you a boost and condolences on the loss of your dear friend. I too have been reading his Adventures blog the last few weeks for hours on end each day and found it so hard to tear myself away because the writing was so informational, educational and witty. I was halfway through the 504 pg blog Sunday night when I reluctantly tore myself away from reading to go to bed as it was very late. I sat back down to my computer Monday afternoon ready to spend several more hours reading when I opened this page to read the tragic news. It’s now Thursday and I have not been able to read his blog. I have only read all the heartbreaking posts from his dear family and friends and fellow etheric warriors. My heart goes out to you and all his friends and family. But I know he would def want all of us to pick up and carry on where he left off. He was/is a great warrior/defender for our planet and all life on it. And I’ve no doubt he is working in a new way on a different dimension, most likely with the Lemurians, and carrying on his etheric warrior mission still.

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