We say farewell to Don Croft

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I am very saddened to report that our good friend Don Croft passed away July 21, 2018 from injuries sustained during a paraglider crash. Don’s family is not quite prepared to share all the details of the incident right now, but we felt that we needed to let people know what is happening. There will be a memorial service for Don at his brother’s home on Wednesday, July 25.

Don was a brilliant, generous man who, along with Carol, did so much to help heal the planet. His unique viewpoints and articulate way of expressing himself made it a pleasure to read his posts, articles and emails. He was much loved as a husband, father, brother and friend.

I’m finding it hard to write a long post because I am still shocked and stunned, like all of his family and friends. Please send your love and boosts to Carol. She is doing okay but could definitely use your good thoughts.

Don was airlifted off the mountain paragliding site to the hospital, and that is likely to be a bill that will be at least $30,000. Carol could really use some help meeting that obligation as well as hospital and funeral costs.

Carol and Don have given much to the world. They have spent the last 18 years spreading orgonite and teaching people all around the world how to do it too. We are hoping that you can help give back a little to Carol as she deals with the loss of her husband.

We have set up a GoFundMe site at: www.gofundme.com/friends-of-don-croft

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers,

51 thoughts on “We say farewell to Don Croft

  1. Carlos Silva

    Don was a friend who helped me a lot, encouraged me and tried to get the best of me to shine through, just like I’m sure he did with a lot of people.
    More than a personal friend, Don was a living example, a light on this world. His boundless generosity, his kindness, his curious mind and adventurous spirit, his humor in the face of adversity, his humility, his faith, his courage. All these will be sorely missed in the person of that inimitable Don Croft.

    I ask myself “why?”. He had several brushes with death and survived them before, why now? Then I remember his own words:

    “Man plots and God plots, and God is the best plotter.”

    When someone goes to the other side it’s always a new beginning. I’m sure Don passed with flying colors the “school” he attended for 70 years. I see him in the Etheric and sometimes hear his advice or kinds words the same way I did when he lived and the same way I do with other good friends of mine. I don’t know how to explain this except to say his energy, his example still live inside us and that is a source from which we can draw strength and wisdom. It’s a seed that can help grow better things.

    My heart goes to all of you who miss him dearly.

    1. Murray

      Thank you Don for being such a great educator, for helping me to understand life better. Much, much LOVE to Carol in this very sad time.

  2. TeresaE

    Goodbye my friend, we’ll meet again.
    Never met Don personally, but have been energetically with him and his efforts for three years.
    My heart is so sad, and glad, he is now getting all the answers he wants.
    Much love to all his close loves, friends and compatriots.

  3. Jeff Miller

    Don Croft changed the world for the better, in huge ways. Talk about making your mark while you are here!

    The magnitude of his achievements and impact will be recognized more and more as the years pass, I believe.

    We go when we are called, it was his time, I must try to understand that. I can affirm that he passed on doing something he loved. He was going for it, at an age when most people become more and more conservative.

    I’m proud to have known him and counted him among my friends.

  4. Morgan

    I had only begun to get to know Don personally though email, but was struck over and over again how calm, generous and kind he was. I am so happy to have known him, and so sad for his exit from this physical plane. My heart goes out to Carol, his children and everyone else who will miss him. No doubt he will live on through all the people he inspired. “Continue on in Peace” Don, Morgan.

  5. Andrea Sarandes

    I am so saddened to hear of Don’s passing. I have learned so much from his writings not only in the last year, but have been voraciously reading everything he wrote the last 2 weeks non-stop. I even received a kind reply via email from him a few days ago. I am in shock and my heart goes out to all his friends and family and to his lovely wife Carol. He did so much good for the world and humanity with such humility and a touch of humor. I am only half way through his adventures with Carol blog and will continue to read it and learn from it. I know he is on a different plane now and will continue his mission to help others. What a wonderful loving gracious human he was while on this plane. A true warrior for all that is good.

  6. Owuor Chris

    Don’s death to me was saddened and for sure the death shocked the whole Kikundi in Africa and particularly me. For the last years that I had known Don, I learned several good reputations that had helped me much in my career. His humility was beyond imagination; his hard working was so great, his passion for the work was also very much admirable. For sure i luck words that I can use to shade more light in describing Don’s good reputations.
    For sure it’s true that the Kikundi in Africa have really suffered serious blow and I can say that for the last few weeks we have found ourselves in the dark sides of the universe. For sure Baba Nora as we used to call him, your candle will remain burning in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Your memory will never cease to sing hymns of love, care and compassion. Baba Nora sorry for leaving us at a time that we need you most. Even though you will be physically not present with us, but in the spirit we shall continue in fellowship. May our Almighty God comfort your family and be their everlasting umbrella.

  7. Angel Cross

    Don and I had become so close these last 3 years. He literally brought me up from the depths of severe depression and hopelessness. He encouraged me with more patience, kindness and love than anyone I’ve ever known in my entire life. Through him, I was finally able to feel like there was hope for the people of this plane(t). But most importantly, he taught me to breathe. To pick myself up and keep on trying no matter what. My heart is breaking as the reality has not really sunk in yet. My heart goes out to Carol and his children, whom Don loved so deeply. I’m at a loss but will boost Carol to my best abilities. :'(

    P.S. Maybe it’s time for everyone Don taught to be Earth’s Warriors to come together and create that change we’ve been trying so hard to create.

  8. Greg Brown

    Don will be remembered for all the love he gave freely. Don’t forget what he taught us. Angie and Greg “Br’er Worm” Brown

  9. Mrs. O

    It’s quite saddened to lose such a wonderful man full of wisdom and understanding at a time like this. Don had been a good friend for a very long time and all the things which I had learned from Don are numberless. For all the years that I had known Don, truly he remained a site and a source of knowledge and understanding to me. Am really hit by this, in fact nothing we can do but just to say sorry!! And may God comfort them. All our Kikundi in Africa are also very much shocked. In fact Brother Don we love you but God love you most.
    Mrs O

  10. Dancan

    It’s true that the life is not usual with Don Croft (Baba Nora) demise, we as the Kikundi we lost a burning candle who had been the source of our light here in Africa. His Etheric Forum had been a forum with ambition to bring the entire world together for it had a life changing article that give hope to the hope less. In fact Don’s death has made me to know that this world is not our home, our home is in heaven and I believe that we shall be with him one day after finishing this earthly pilgrimage.

  11. Andrew

    I cannot believe this, I was going to save money for a future trip to meet Don and Carol…
    Don shared with me the great passion of alternative history, the orgonite gifting, the fighting against the tyranny, and so much more…
    I feel so bad about this, a great man that has changed our world is gone, I cannot believe that

    I miss him so much
    Good life on the other side Don !

  12. Janet Farmer

    Janet farmer. I’m truly stunned and saddened at this news, I had only recently become friends with Don, and he was already a dear friend, my condolences to his family and my prayers will forever be with them

  13. Orgonik69

    A Great Man who has done a great deal for Humanity for If His Family and all the loved ones who love Him … He deserves to be Remembered with Great Recognition Honor and Respect with All Possible Good … I Will Send You Much of my energy of universal love so that you can overcome all your difficulties of the moment to succeed in going forward ….. always in our hearts but especially in the heart of Carol and the family ….. an infinite embrace I love ……. Hello Don Croft with Your Work You allowed me to be here to remind you … Thanks …..

  14. maria

    I am deeply saddened to hear about Don’s passing..I recently purchased the T-rex zapper and was going to email
    Don and ask him about several issues…he was in my thoughts for the last several days not knowing that he had passed.
    My deepest sympathies to Carol and to all his family and close friends…

  15. Katherine A

    “Please light a candle for his sweet soul” was Carol’s initial request of me when I reached out for confirmation of the unthinkable. I would like to pass that request along to everyone who was touched or helped by Don. Please light a candle for Don, in whatever country you are in. His reach was vast and global.

    I agree that he most definitely changed the world for the better.

    … and he did it on his own terms.

  16. Georg and Friederike

    All we do and are today is owed to Don Croft. It is not an exaggeration to say that Don single handedly started today‘s Orgonite Gifting movement. There would be no orgonite CBs, no HHG, no TBs, no Power Wands, no orgone zappers and surely no Orgonise Africa without him. And yet, Don always remained humble and almost in the background.
    We will miss him and his very special sense of humour dearly.
    What a privilege to have known you, if only for a brief encounter. You have changed our lives for good and those of so many others around the world.
    Hamba Kahle, (go in peace) Gentle Giant!
    Friederike and Georg, Johannesburg, South Africa

    1. Cyclingflinger

      Thank you for all what you did on this earth Don! I never had the luck to meet you personally but we exchanged a lot of mails in the past. Especially now, with the latest giftings. You always had a good word no matter what, how hard the attacks could be you always looked your way up with a smile and I am so grateful to have know you! Never a critic, always taking persons like they were, bravo friend! You were like a lion protecting his own etheric family and I hope that we will be able to continue what you taught us all! You’re really going to be missed and all my boosts goes now to Carol and the family! Thank you Baba Nora!


  17. Alexander obrien

    Oh my heart is saddened to hear about his passing. My heart goes out to friends and family. He truly was the most incredible person I have ever talked with, I never met him, but with out his words of encouragement, I would not be here today. Thank you don I’ll light a candle for you.

  18. Patty

    I am shocked and deeply saddened by Don’s passing. Not having him here feels like a big loss. I have followed him for many years, learning from him about organite and more recently zappers. I have enjoyed his humorous mocking the bad guys, always made me laugh. Recently I got to exchange emails with him, he said he was inspired by my sylph photos so he was going to start a page for sylph photos. Mine were the 1st three, taken in Santa Fe nm. My heart goes out to Carol and your family. You seemed like a very special team. I’ll send lot’s of love.

    Patty Ziegler

  19. micki crystal

    With so much love and Gratitiude for Don Croft and Carol, who have helped my longtime beloved friend,
    Janet Farmer and also me, through Janet, I’m saddened at the death of Don..
    I so intended to know him and work closely with him in the near future.
    However I’m so aware of his infinite power to help change our world for the better, which he did every day and I know he’s even more capable from his Towering Spirit Position.
    Thank you my Precious Friend, Don and Most Dear Wife Carol.
    I have been intending to have some power symbol jewelwry from your selections, Carol.
    Just know the power of your work as a team on this earth is unstopable, and goes on and on and on.
    We need you more than ever, Carol Croft. And you now represent both YOU, AND DON as the terrific team of HEALERS that you always were.
    I , Micki, sure look forward to meeting you both soon..
    I will tell many others to go to the websites and meet you also.
    With all the love and gratefulness in my heart and soul, Blessings and prayers forever for you all of your beloved ones.
    Micki Crystal

    1. dooney Post author

      Hi Michael,
      You can send condolences to Carol at PO Box 782, Athol, Idaho, 83801.

  20. Brent Mosley

    What a fantastic journey its been, sorry for your loss Carol.

    With love, Brent R. Mosley

  21. Dirk Verelst

    Someday the world will look back upon this man with the greatest of praise. I am glad to have known him and deeply grateful for all that he has taught me. His patience, generosity and no-nonsense stood out for all to see. Never afraid to call a spade a spade with the keenest of discernment. He made everybody feel special (except ‘the shitrats’), which to me is the hallmark of a great soul. Farewell my friend, you will be missed.
    Dirk Verelst

  22. mcode

    I’ve been in this Orgonite Movement since 2004 and Don has always been available to inform me, to reply to my questions, and to help me remotely.

    Don you are a great person, and I’m sure you’re enjoying your new Life.

    Carol, be strong.

  23. Francisco

    A great Soul passes away. Don was a dear friend, teacher and mentor to me. A walking encyclopedia balanced with an amazing bag full of adventures accumulated throughout his life following his passions. Such humble giant who never forced his views, but inspired me to come to my own realizations. Always available to everyone no matter how long and clogged his inbox was. At 70 he showed the spirit of a child. After witnessing his stamina and drive on our boat trip i admired him even more. I told him i wish i could be like that at that age . Don and Carol s generosity saved my ass when the Gestapo was closing in on me. what else can i say? The world would not be the same right now if it hadn’t been for his determination to show us that each and everyone of us can make an impact for the better independently with simple and elegant solutions, as he liked to point out. Another pearl of wisdom he used to mention was: Trouble is just another word for fun! He sure loved trouble! and left us leaving the world a little better than it was. Few can hope to have that reach. Hats off partner! and all the Love to Carol, family and everyone who loved him too.

  24. SilentSynthesis

    I’m shocked. I stand as one of the thousands he inspired, I never met Don but I never would have found the will, heart, or simple courage to start gifting with my own orgonite were it not for the influence his writings, especially the Adventures, had upon me. I wouldn’t be where I am without his indirect encouragement. I pray he rests easy knowing the thousands he inspired survive him and will continue his work. My heart goes out to Carol and her children.

  25. Andy Schwarm

    I am truly at a loss for words. Like Georg and Friederike I owe everything I have and am to Don Croft. I don’t know what else to say right now, nothing I can think seems worthy of Don’s memory.

  26. Karen

    Dear Carol,

    My heart goes out to you and all of your family,
    as well as all friends of Don, all of the children,
    and the Etheric Warriors. I was floored when I read Dooney‘s email about Don‘s passing and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was just starting to
    buy orgonite material and start gifting when I received an email from Don. I got to know him
    via these mails and realized what an amazing,
    good man he is. It is wonderful to see, after
    reading the emails over Don‘s passing, that
    other people also could see what a great guy
    he is. I say is because I know his body gave out
    but his spirit and soul are still with us and this
    is a comfort. Carol, it is so clear how much
    Don loves and admires you from the YouTube vids. Please be strong. You have so many people
    who love you both. We will carry on the work
    and dedication that lies ahead. Both of you
    are an inspiration for all of us. We love you both.

  27. Carl

    Don gave us the chance to save ourselves with his great idea. I will gift today in his honor.Thanks Don!

  28. Bjørn

    What Don gave to this world lives on stronger than ever now.
    There are many merits but there is nothing like the merit inventor of the TB, CB and HHG etc.

    I started out with the zapper, succorpunch and one TB. Now its in the thousands here.
    Orgonite came to Norway in the early 2000’s and eventually became big and heavily gifted all over the place.
    Watching the transformation happen was uncomparable to anything we could imagine then.
    Thanks to Don.
    Reading Don’s funny and insight rich posts on Ethericwarriors since 2007 has been like a good cup of coffee every time.

    I hope this art and science will keep growing like it has been doing. The whole movement is a miracle!

    Love and Light to Don and the Family

    – From the Gifters of Norway

  29. Rita

    amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me,i once was lost but now am found was blind but now i see. i say a little prayer for you that you stay in our hearts as a great teacher of truth don, you were loved,still loved and will always be beloved and will always be in our hearts. may you live FOREVER. And carol we pray that god makes you sronger.
    Love Rita and William

  30. InOtherNews

    So very sorry to hear about this accident. I was reading posts on EW almost daily in recent weeks but had let a couple weeks go by and then read this news. Boosting Carol, and sending good thoughts to family and close friends. Its going to take some time for this news to sink in. We were just emailing 6 days ago. Don did change this world. It was an honor to meet him on his stop in New York City and during one visit, he had given me his Harmonic Protector. I wear it all the time. Thank you Don Croft for the many gifts and education. I can only imagine the many lives you’ve changed and influenced.

  31. silvio igor nocerino

    Don Croft awake intrisical interests for hidden and at the same time obvious aspect of reality, historic investigation, also the free energy. He aimed at liberation. He expressed a desire in his writing to come to Europe to study the Cathars. This could be today on the of the unspeakable and forbidden and dangerous tracks, I wish he had conceded to that aspiration. As everybody that corresponded highlighted he acted as a mentor a lead and father and really good chap.
    Wrote very intelligent scrupulous and revolutionary articles. Most of all he was also perceived as a hands on person that does the things he believes.
    He welcomed me on this forum in 2010 despite me being a fanatic for gifting reports and photo.
    He quotes some motto over the years :
    The humble will inherit this world
    Man plots but God is the best plotter.

    Please do not concede to this misfortune, though the world feels more lonely without Don Croft, he was led by the Cosmic to pick up the torch of a revolutionary work started by Wilhelm Reich. Don Croft with his friends and his wife did a selfless donation to the entire world.

    Please all study and review and dont be tired of gifting and finding new tracks and targets wether these tagets maybe patent or occult. He always encouraged to individually build trust in their own intuition and possibly also to compare our work in order to improve the quality our service to life on Earth.

  32. Cesco

    Dear Don,

    Thank you for your earthly friendship and the many positive moments we had.
    May your spirit shine bright in the afterlife and God reward you for your magnificent service.

    In deep appreciation.
    Your friend,

    Dear Carol,

    My deepest condolences to you in these days of grief.

    In deep sympathy.
    Your friend,

  33. Edward

    My condolences to Carol, may your memory of Don always be sweet.

    I never met Don in person, but i always felt like he was a friend. He helped me keep going at a time when i was about to give up and start ax murdering all the shitbirds around here. His encouragement and kind words were a Godsend. He never judged why i was in the financial situation i was in, he just knew. And he helped me to start taking back my personal power that i had yielded to the shitbirds through years of abuse and mind manipulation. I have tears in my eyes as i write this, and i didn’t cry when my mama died. He will be greatly missed, i was so looking forward to the day i could meet him in person. I guess now i will have to catch him on the flip side. Goodbye Don!

  34. Hazel

    So very sad to hear of our loss of Don. Never met him but love gifting, doing something positive for the planet and all of us living on it. I can’t believe he’s gone and my sympathies to Carol especially and the rest of his family. He will never be forgotten and has given us all a way to help and shared so much.

  35. Karen in Florida

    I cant believe this has happened !! Oh Don thank you for everything you did to help and encourage and impart wisdom and knowledge to so many !! Don was always there to answer an email and repair my zappers and I admired him so much, he had such wonderful wisdom and knowledge! ! I never met Don but could never get enough of reading everything he wrote – this is totally shocking !!!! I don’t want to ask too many questions but wasn’t Don often trying to stay a step ahead of being sabotaged and/or harmed – he was so successful at keeping dark forces away from him I cant help but wonder what happened , if it was sabotage or not?

  36. Denis Couture

    Oh I am deeply touched and in shock. Don changed the course and path of my life, I wouldnt have this clear clean strong energy if it wasnt for what Don did for the orgone community.

    Love and blessing to Carol family and friend. Farewell my good friend may the gods of valhalla open the way for your passing through. You are a warrior among the legends.
    Denis Couture,

  37. Tomas

    Don Croft was a very good man who shared his importante knowledge and started this orgonite movement with his own efforts. Im glad his life ended while he was doing something he loved. BIG UP TO DON.

    I was sad to hear about your passing, and I light a candle in your memory.

    Rest in peace my friend!

  38. Love Generation

    I pay my respects to Don Croft, taken far too soon for all of us whom he inspired. Carol, I cannot imagine what you are going through. I boost you every day, your strength and intuition will guide you. I first came across The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft when my husband was in the hospital and I read it for 5 days straight, and it changed my life. I had no idea orgonite existed. I finally finished the book and started searching the intetnet for Don Croft, was he a real person? Was he still inventing stuff? Thats how i found the ethericwarriors forum, learned and started gifting and it has been a part of my daily life ever since. Unsung hero, his contribution to humanity cannot be overstated. Kind hearted human being, he made each and every one of us feel empowered to change the world for the better and counter all this evil with Love.  We must redouble our efforts and gift more than before! To be worthy of having shared this work with him. Rest in love, Don. Fly high always.

  39. Dancan Omollo

    We, as the East Africa Kikundi members are very much suddened by the death of our long term mentor, Don Croft. We are today what we are because of Don and Carol CRoft. We first interracted with him back in the year 2003 when we did not know anything to do with Orgonite. After a very long period of selfless commitments to let us know aboput the same, we are today, the regional pioneers and are very proud of that.

    One thing that we knew with him (Don Croft) is that he is the best team worker and leader we have ever met. He was so good in networking, and a good teacher as well./ He taught us how to first sensitize the people around us about orgonite, gifting and cloud busting. He taught us how to deal with th challenges that were asssociated with the encounters from the field and finally how to solve various problems we could meet. In fact, Don taught us in a way that one could imagine that he, himself lived in Africa as at that very time.

    Later on, Don taught us about hoe to make our own field orgonites at first. We used to make them for our own use. He also taught us on how to assemble basic zappers. Don committed a lot of his time to us, doing pnline tutorials an various procedures.

    Today, we have advanced to the known African Bilo. All the developments that finally led us to this product had greately been supported by Don and his many friends, thank you greatly, both morally and financially. At various occassions, oue Kikundi members had been arrested by the friends of the dark forces, and it is through the very support that we have always excelled. Thnks to all of you.

    We as the African community stand with the family and friends of of the Great hero, Don Croft. For Carol, we know it is tough times, but we call upon you to take heart. As Christians, we do believe in life after death, and there is no any other ladder to that life, except death. Irrespective of the cause, all pf us will have to pass through the same. We stand with you Carol and we , from today will be boosting you together at ago, five times a day, after every three hours. Long live our Pioneer!!! Long live our Hero!!!

    Mrs O and Dancan.

  40. Alejandro Colodro

    Thank you Don for everything to did for the world and for me. The news made me very sad but then I looked up in the sky and felt the Sylphs’ joy in having you join them, turning my tears of sorrow into tears of gratitude. Thank you for showing me the Divine, it is the greatest gift I have ever had in my life.

    Carol, me deepest condolences to you. I pray that God will relieve your pain.

    This news caught me in Israel, I was just a few miles away from Akko when I first heard of Don´s passing. Yesterday I visited the shrine of the Bahá’u’lláh to honor of Don, and to light a candle for him. It was a very beautiful and peaceful place. The sky was full of beautiful cumulous clouds. Thank you Don, I will always cherish your friendship and the time we spent together.

  41. Guch Srn

    From Southern Sudan, we are very sorry for what you have and are undergoing right now. It is quite sad but I believe that the spirit started by Don will continue to live in us.
    We recently lost Christine here in Southern Sudan. Before the wound heals up, another sad news about Don’s death. Am personally triple sorry for this. Kindly take heart Carol. God knows the reason for everything. We stand with you always during this time and we keep boosting you.

  42. Ian H

    I remember reaching out to Don during a time of heavy spiritual warfare and looking for answers to some of the strange memories I had seen and gone through. Don helped me with quantum research and etheric understanding along with the many sylphs manifested as evidence of the work working. I even had a tornado touch down then disappear after the formation of orgone had finished with the tune of 7.83hz singing to the piece. I had never in my life seen the experiences I had. Don for sure was a seed planter. I have sent him my messages, he’s not gone at all but still very much alive in spirit, I am so happy that his work will continue he like Reich deserves to not be forgotten. I will say I remember when Carol and Don took the time to talk to me have dinner together, they brought such good energy. It was no doubt a great exchange of energy knowledge and wisdom. Believing and standing for something is noble and we have reason to carry this on.

  43. Brigitte

    When I had heard about Don’s passing I was in total shock. I had been a fervent believer of Dons and Carols work for years, having bought numerous zappers and also artworks from Carol, for myself and family. I had sent Carol an email to tell how much I was thinking of her and wishing her strength, thanking her and her husband for their contribution to society for so many years against all odds. Just now I found that I could have left a message here , didnt know, but want to do still: Don, no doubt you can see us all and the world it has become since you left. I want to thank you for all you have done, teaching patiently all of us about the benefits of Zappers and making us loyal users and believers. Your wife is a darling and I shall make sure to once in a while write to her. Sending you our (my family, friends) eternal gratitude and mega thank you’s for bringing the terminator into our lives. Love to you and Carol, always.

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