Operatives and Assholes

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As I was walking through dense foot traffic in midtown Manhattan the other day, on the way back from a successful job interview (I start Monday!), a woman coming toward me suddenly leaned out from behind another person, smiled, put a pipe/blowgun to their mouth and aimed it directly at me. They were probably 20 feet from me.

I instantly visualized a double dodecahedron of Orgone energy around myself. I felt nothing. My life continues to go very well. My physical health is quite excellent.

In retrospect, I should have gone directly at them, and collared them.

I got home, and texted a psychic compatriot of mine, asking if their impression was “Operative or simply a street freak?” I thought “Operative”.

Not hearing from them for a few days, I sent them an e-mail. I just learned they never got the text. We divine it was hacked, to keep me cut off from that line of assistance.

Yesterday, I was riding my bike home from the park near my house. Going downhill, easily riding at the pace of traffic, a small side street. I look behind me, to make sure it’s clear, then signal with my left arm, then move left into the bike lane. Guy lays on his horn, speeds past me. I hadn’t cut him off, had the right of way. Been riding, carefully, for 35 years, now.

I reach him stopped at the light not a hundred yards down the hill. I pull up next to him, he’s unaware. I put my face an inch from the glass, then knock on the window. He goes bug-eyed, I point at him and say “you better watch your ass!” Then I roll away.

He goes apopleptic, yelling, screaming. Next time I’m going to take his picture.

I didn’t get the impression that the second guy was an Operative, but rather just an asshole. But wanted to include it as a “stand up against the powers of Darkness in all their forms” reminder, here.

Please consider sending them both highest Love energy as you read this.

Can you see how they are impotent, now?

In one of the Sunday chats, another psychic compatriot of mine said “you’ve got a lot of protection.”

Don’t be afraid of doing this work. My life’s as good as it’s ever been, and you can be sure that the Bad Guys have teams of people working in shifts to try to make that not the case.

Their time has passed. This is our time.




14 thoughts on “Operatives and Assholes

  1. Carlos Silva

    Thanks, Jeff! Very much enjoyed reading this account and I’m inspired by your faith and commitment.

    This “other world” were miracles are an everyday occurrence… I’m hoping the more we exchange our experiences the closer it will come to be openly discussed in living rooms, streets, cafes and bus stops everywhere 😎
    There’s definitely an increasing openess from people about this.

  2. Morgonite

    Thanks for sharing Jeff. As an ex-pat New Yorker myself I know it’s hard to separate the street-freaks from the Operatives. There is ALOT of weird people in NYC. Imagine if you didn’t have the training and confidence to use the Dodecahedron technique. I’m still learning these types of things but the most important to me is to not Fear. I’m still quite amazed at how so many people I know allow themselves to be easily shut-down with just the thought of Fear. I was never able to spend more than 24 hours in NYC before the psychic pressure became to great and I had to leave. Congrats on the new job!

    1. Jeff Miller

      This comment carefully holds out the possibility that it was, indeed, just a freak, vs. an operative, as my colleague and I surmised. And that carefully-tabled assertion, counter to my own, is surrounded by pleasantries, directed toward me. And the comment makes the reader fearful, in that they think “what if I didn’t have the training and confidence to use that technique, as Jeff did/does?” – which is, again, precisely opposed to my own message, which was and is that the Bad Guys are impotent.

      It’s careful, interesting work. I think these dialogues are very instructive to the readership.

      Whereas Carlos’ comment cannot be broken down in such a way.

  3. Jeff Miller Post author

    Carlos, the strong, the trusted. You can tell by the way he writes.

    Thanks, man. The wave’s jacking up, and huge, and it’s glassy, and we’re riding it.

    It’s an honor to serve with you.

  4. Don Croft

    ‘Thank you for your service,’ Jeff 😎

    I can’t bring myself to say that to anyone in the US/UK/WallStreet military who has traveled to other countries, met interesting people and killed them.

    I can offer a positive observation about New York, by the way. Geoff Bridges has interviewed Carol and I a couple of times on his radio show, there, and we were struck by how aware and responsible the callers were–also a little amused by their New York accents. So it’s obvious to us that, in addition to the predatory operatives and sociopaths one might meet in the city there are also a disproportionate number of responsible, accountable people there.

    I’ve broken pizza with Geoff twice in Brooklyn, along with my daughter, Nora, who is noracroftcutsmyhair on Instagram. She loves it there and is realizing her creative ambitions in a way that she couldn’t have done elsewhere.

    Another guest of Geoff’s, Michael Hoffman, told me that, ‘His interview was fair and professional. I wish all journalists possessed his ethics.’ Hoffman lives near us and has agreed to meet, soon. I recommend his books because he’s got a unique approach to the issue of how and why the corporate order are so reliant on a stinky kind of sorcery. His books also have a depth that one rarely sees in such research journalism.

    I think New York might be one of the most heavily orgonite-treated cities on the planet, especially Manhattan in the vicinity of the financial district. I don’t think a bankster can feel comfortable there, any more. Marco in New Jersey ( where I’ve seen some of the most magnificent Sylphs, thanks mainly to him) even put hundreds of towerbusters in the water around the entire perimeter of Manhattan from his own boat.

    1. Don Croft

      Morgan, we’re all heavily protected from the unseen realms, at least outside of British regions of Africa (except Uganda, where people are generally fed up with British terrorism) and Britain’s Saudi Arabia (where the kings are always 33d degree Scottish Rite masons). I suspect that Jeff has been getting more than average aggression from the parasitic oligarchy on account of his unique and empowering Positive Changes blog, which has to be driving them to distraction, now. Carol and I used to experience that level of aggression from them but rarely do, now.

      We only get occasional exotic poisonings, nocturnal B&E visits while I’m away, etc., and we figure the sewer rats are only intent on letting us know that they still care 8-). Last evening, while Carol was watering the flowers, a man was standing behind the house, glaring at her. We live in a rural area. I immediately walked the back perimeter with my loaded .45 pistol in the air but of course he was gone or had used one of those nifty disappearing devices. It seems to be important to show these federal felons that we’re not afraid to protect ourselves.

      In re: Jeff’s reporting his personal experiences, this is a good opportunity to remind people to include their own personal comments and observations in their reports, rather than just post boring tallies of TBs tossed, because this is what enables our readers to resonate with us. Four years (2001-5) of my monthly journal reports are still inspiring lots of people to commit to this field work and my writing is loaded with personal stuff so it really does work. Anyone’s personal stuff is just as inspiring as mine when it’s written from the heart. Everyone who posts on EW has shared phenomenally empowering personal emails with me but only a few of them are willing to write that way in a post, strange to tell.

  5. Alexander obrien

    Thanks Jeff super inspiring for me. I’ve been under operatives survelliance heavier than I ever have experienced. A few gifts up I -91 broke my local artificial drought. It’s truly amazing to watch the rats scramble, haha SSUCKERSS! As with all the fear inducing hypnosis, a quick medatation and shutting off the screens causes me to remember how freaking beautiful this world and its people are. I have psychotic and sociopathic tendencies, I have had to work very hard to keep it to a minimum, I’m starting to feel truly unplugged and vacating the matrix. I have everything I every wanted and needed, all thanks to simple inexpensive orgonite. when everything hits the fan, there’s always an opportunity to get back up and stand in the face of adversity. THE AGENTS OF THE CABAL ARE POWERLESS!!! Thanks for all your positive shares. I really enjoyed the animal house. I’ve been finally facing my fear and playing music live and I really have nothing to fear. People enjoy heart felt emotion! I get that a lot on here. If it were not for this site I truly would think the internet was broken. CHEAP UGLY INEXPENSIVE ORGONITE PUCKS DISABLE THE DEATH AND WEATHER TECH!!! Lastly I have been going to AA I enjoy it on some level, mostly for inspiration for fictional stories that I enjoy writing. Unfortunately I believe Alcoholics Anonymous is a cover for Aliester crowley(who is still alive btw) AA Argentum something I can’t remember. There’s many blogs exposing the myth of alcoholism orange papers is great. 99% of people in Aa relapse if we look at the amount of newcomer 24 hour coins are given( a Masonic game not a real part of aa) it works for some people. When I find The a general, head psychiatrists, and chief of police ponyificating in Aa in east Hartford I question the truth of what they say. A good test for me to see if I’m being gaslighted, how come this surreal eirre coincidences happen like clock work, it’s probably too good to be true.

  6. Jeff Miller Post author

    I’ve known Carlos Silva and Don Croft for many years, now. You may have noticed how we use our actual names, versus made-up forum names.

    I’m loving the energy of New York, and the populace – other than the occasional operative or asshole here and there.

  7. Morgan

    Jeff, for the record my name is Morgan. The word morgonite was chosen by me to combine my name with orgonite and also to mean more orgonite. I’ve also recently found a crystal called Morganite. No death implied here. Hope you have a good day.

    1. Jeff Miller Post author

      I redacted my comments after learning that from Don’s inference, and I’m glad to know your name.

  8. Don Croft

    I figured you’d enjoy New York, Jeff, and I’m glad you’re there.

    Kam Wong was the first orgonite flinger in New York, as far as I know. He was also the first to do extensive fieldwork in Hong Kong, where he is from. I haven’t heard from him in a lot of years but his reports were phenomenal. He put orgonite all around that massive Delta transmitter on the roof of the AT&T headquarters, which is across the street from the mayor’s palace. Delta transmitters are for mind control over a wide area and were pioneered at Montauk and Wong sort of specialized in finding and flipping this sort of primary energy weaponry. I think it rather spooked him when some feds once broke into his car just to steal his Succor Punch but that was before there were many people doing this work and the orgonite forums were all still CIA/MI6 projects; our little fast-track training grounds on how the corporate order infiltrate and ruin progressive movements. They failed spectacularly in our case 😉

    The second (that I’m aware of) to commit to this in NY was an Italian man who had a sign business in Queens but I don’t remember his name. It was nice to be associated in this way with another sign painter, though he had a large company and I’d always worked by myself. He also did a lot of orgonite field work in the area of Italy where he was born and one of the first magnificent Sylph photos I’d seen was from there after he’d flipped a lot of mountaintop weaponry, east of Rome.

  9. Edward

    Hey Morgan, Why does Don call you Joel in your gifting report if your name is Morgan? Do you use more than one name?, and if so why?

  10. Morgan

    Hey Edward, my email has my full name. Don called me Joel because that is what’s first in my email. After we exchanged a few emails and got to know each other I told him that all my friends and my parents call me by my middle name Morgan, and that the only people who call me Joel are bill collectors. I understand that it has caused some confusion, and maybe even some distrust. That’s not what I was going for.


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