Gifting Larian Triangle

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Larian Triangle is a land in between the two branches of Lake Como. I had gifted a few years ago already some antennas on the side of the lake and in the middle in Magreglio and a also bit in Bellagio at tip. There is a big tall tower in Sasso Malascarpa which I attempted in a January but after 2 hours of walking I met the ice and only throw orgonite in the woods a bit far fromm that tall tower which is the main fot that region.

Today I I was in nursing hom in Caglio above the village of Asso, the orgonite was not being distribute yet and was inside the building in a bag. I went outside and the sky had opened right above the place. It was a totally overcast day. I knew there were three antennas but they were far probably 1km or more, anyway smething was happening. I distributed the orgonite, after another hour I looked up and dicovered there is up oon a higher mountain a observatory, a white round cupole net to a building. In the photo you can see there is also a staute. I took the photo.

Thern affter a little while also that part started to change, and that is also about 1,,5 to two kilometers. I felt there was dark DOR being cleared, hence probably the village I was is a nevralgic point in the area. There is a sanctuary to the Madonna of Campoe’, Spotted two obelisks in front of a garden of a church.

Inside the place I also found a strange stone with some sticks next to it, I feel this is apost used or some occult pracice and given the look of the thing it doesnt seem to be smiling at us. Look at the deisgn from the shape of the stones they look nasty and demonic.

Beore the giting when I was inside a building I notice the lights flickering like a single click but in various instances. I think outside I saw a super quick thing pass me, maybe shadow, like leaving the zone.

i have to go back again with some more orgonite,

The photo display is quite telling, I am glad, there are also some horses. Thanks

Actually I feel there could probably be something under the building. 😉


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