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Hey all, I wanted to relay am incident to you that has occured over the last week since my post about Carols fantastic Harmonic Protectors. First some background; The computer I was using was a 2011 MacBook Pro purchased used almost a year ago after I killed my first one with a full cup of coffee. The computer was running fine outside of some minor hiccups here and there. Right after I put that post online, I sent three boxes with Orgonite to friends and family who were in need of some serious positivity. All of the boxes arrived un-harmed and I immediately got calls back from these people with instant results of feeling MUCH better 🙂 That was last Tuesday. Wednesday morning I went to wake up my Mac with a tap of the space bar and nothing. I tried to re-boot and it would stall 3/4 of the way into the reboot. I tried several times that day. turning the thing off and trying again to no avail. Thursday I brought it back to the store I bought it from and finally on saturday I got the diagnosis that the Logicboard had failed and they suggested I replace the entire computer. I have yet to go get it because I want solid answers to WHY it failed. I’ve had to stay on top of them because they don’t seem to want to give a deeper explanation. I’m hesitant to prclaim this an act of deliberate sabotage, but like Don said in an email to me, the timing is what’s significant here. It is a minor set-back and thanks to my low opinion of Consumer Tech, doesn’t even bother me that much…except that I had alot of good research on there that I might have lost for good. It will not stop me from my work. All the people I had sent pieces to have requested more, and are now aware of the healing power of simple, positive Orgonite.
I’ve also completed my first mini-CB, and as soon as I can figure out a work-around for posting photo’s i’ll show it off!
Thanks to all who read this
and as always,
Keep Calm and Pour On!