Crowdfunding for Christine’s Children


Thanks, Dancan, for initiating this!  I was frustrated by the sluggish way that I receive payments from our zapper distributors (in terms of meeting the emergency needs of our African cohorts) but crowdfunding allows me to use a credit card 😎

Lately, the constant appeals for help have rather strained the equanimity of many of our participants, I think.  I’m hoping that this will fill the need, finally.

Here it is:

I posted this on faCIAbook from the gofundme page:

Christine Oginga, who was a school teacher, was a giant in the global orgonite movement and was also instrumental in the secession of South Sudan in 2011 as an elected delegate at the talks in Khartoum.
In 2008, her husband, Salva, was also murdered, along with two other pioneers in the orgonite movement, David Ochieng and his wife, Emmah. Nobody outside of Africa has been harmed for doing this environmental healing work, though Jane Ngugi of Uganda (another intrepid pioneer) was jailed and tortured for this in Saudi Arabia in 2012 after she had ‘flipped’ many of the death towers in Mecca and Jedda.

Christine had traveled to Chad several times and restored the fishing industry in Lake Chad with her orgonite, making a lot of friends in the process. She also gained the confidence of the Nuba people, who are quite reclusive, though are an ancient civilization (several were Egyptian pharaohs) and built the lovely pyramids that are at the confluence of the Blue Nile and White Nile. That tribe sent several teams to Christine to learn to make and use orgonite and they awarded a large sum of money to her in appreciation, after.

I know that faCIAbook is set up only for short comments but I have faith that there are still plenty of people who actually enjoy reading.

Christine’s children are probably destined to follow their mother’s peerless example. In spite of unspeakable hardship Christine had determined to remain in South Sudan. Mrs Odondi in Kenya, who along with the late David Ochieng, has offered to host these youngsters and she had adopted David and Emmah’s two orphans. Mary is determined to earn a livelihood for the three surviving children and the crowdfunding may enable her to finish her education in December. All schools are private in East Africa but nearly everyone manages to get an education.

Our East African cohorts post their field reports on, which is widely read across Africa.

Thank you, Dancan Omollo, for initiating this crowdfunding appeal!



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