Someone told me to not speak bad about beeswax orgonite …

Hi to all the orgonauts around the world that keep up the magic world of orgone energy
My first post here, I am Andrew, the admin of the italian forum

First I wanna thanks all the orgonauts for the work they did in all these years!

I’m writing here today because I finally had the proof I wanted by years about the fraud of beeswax orgonite and about the main guy promoting this fraud.

There are 2 proofs, one technical about beeswax orgonite. Another one is logic deduction about this guy.

Some years ago some people I met online insisted that I give a try at this beeswax orgonite.

So I did, and armed with the virtual cone pendulum and by a couple of years of experience with making orgonites, I made my first beeswaxite 😀

As soon as it was out of the mold, there was a particular nice energy of it, soft energy.

With the virtual cone pendulum I dowsed it and I fount only the blue color. Strange, if orgone is present, usually I dowse positive for Orange or Indigo, plus Negative Green and Ultraviolet. (I would like to invite technical people to buy this pendulum that is around 25 euros. You can discover interesting details on stuff, places, pictures… I have my guide here, translated by google in english here )

So I told my self, this is a different energy.

The day after, no more soft energy, the piece was almost dead.

After about 1 week I was having this beeswaxite next to other orgonites, next to the monitor of my pc in my desktop. I was feeling a bit bad, like heavy energy.

Dowsing the beeswaxite, I discovered all colours were in electric/vertical phase which is dangerous, while magnetic/horizontal is good.

So I removed the beeswaxite by shielding it in aluminium foil, yes the kitchen type you use often, and I placed in a special grounded furniture that I have in the balcony. Of course, no more heavy energy in my room.

Then another beeswax guy arrived to me telling me you have to mix more waxes, so I bought a plant wax and mixed with beeswaxite. So a waxite has bornt.

I dowsed and I fount again same colours. plus the so called colour Negative green, very important, was already in electric/vertical phase.

I shielded it and placed it away.

Worth to mention that neither of these pieces was able to nullify an Hartmann node, which simply common orgonites such as a TB does.

Then I went writing about my experience in my forum.

After 2 years, about 2 months ago, a guy that promotes beeswax orgonite arrived with an email saying that he was going to threat me legally, accusing me of defamation of his work and so opening a trial where he would have the pictures of a special camera showing orgone coming out of his beeswax orgonite as a proof.
(his work? Karl Hantz Well discovered orgonite and says that you can use wax but resin is better, so it is his work).

I told him, no problem I can remove it, please open a dialog and tell me more about your experiences since I am curious. I always give a chance to people to have a dialogue because often people are real and have real experiences.

He said he was going to gift Amsterdam water canals with 3 tiny beeswaxite as well as telling me, I see the admin of your forum has a better opinion on beeswax rather than you.

This was very strange, I am the admin. nothing so difficult to see since under my name there is written administrator.

Then the day after he told me to look at a weather sat site to see all the clouds over Holland were due to his 3 pieces. Sad…
He then strangely accused me, that my forum is not GDPR compliant
I was having other problems to solve so I put my forum in maintenance mode for a while.
He told me also that my forum was having a lot of visitors due to his advertising and then people googling beeswax orgonite (in italian words) and that’s why my forum had so much views on the thread about beeswax.

Sad, my forum had no more than 120-130 visits average, which most are bots, and most of the visits of that thread were of about 1.5 years ago. I know that very well. Then I had a look at who did come to my site using beeswax orgonite as keywords in google. from August to today, only 1 visitor!

As soon as I had time, I placed back my forum on line, with policy about GDPR. I avoid it by not storing personal data such as IP and emails. 😉

In the mean time the guy stopped to answer me, like he reached his goal.

Then I analyzed the guy. He does have 5/6 sites about beeswax stuff, one in italian one in english, a shop for each of the 2 languages, then a blog and another blog about chembusters with only 2 posts.

in these sites, he does call an huge TB a cloudbuster. then in the chembuster blog he does call a pyramid a chembuster. “you don’t need expensive copper tubes!” “natural resin is better!”. “artificial resin is bad” “DOR from resin orgonites!”
Yeah, we should all be dead, we, crafters of “artificial resin orgonites”. with the DOR. Funny?

Then I analyzed the guy behind the energy pictures and that technology, too much connections with ‘high’ people, municipal headers, and so on. And that technology is too much expensive for a guy, there should be someone supporting him I thought…

So I started to smell he his under some agency, so in other words a rat, a disinfo agent.

Threatening me of legal act for my opinion on beeswax orgonite? So what? I cannot have critic post in my forum?
I haven’t mentioned him, neither his sites. So where is the legal action possible?
then threatening me about the GDPR? he is not an user of mine.
a kind of tentative to shut down my forum?
all these dots does connect very well to me.

My forum is online again, and I did an other test with this beeswax.
a biofeedback test, where my energy went down from 70 to 40 with beeswax.
70 with good orgonite
60 with ancient orgonite ( I wanted to test bad orgonite, no sun and no water on it by years).
80 with some new prototype of mine with shungite.

then I did the ice test and I fount the light about this beeswaxite. ice did come out as normal orgonite does
the beeswax did the job, every colour dowsed now was fine, and you know why?
compression due to cold temperature.
placing the still icy beeswax orgonite in an hartmann node does erase it.
but guess what?
after 30 minutes or so, no more action from beeswax orgonite. back to an orgone accumulator function, no electrostriction to the crystal. because with heat, ambient temperature, no more compression on the quartz!

Today I went to visit a shop that sells beeswax orgonite, I took a pic, contact me if you want these.

I dowsed with the virtual cone pendulum the pics. one of three was not putting out orgone, only UV, probably again due to temperature. These were very big, almost 5 times or more my beeswax device. So probably a bit more robust, but… you will buy something that can fail? fail with a bit of hot temperature?

So I finally had the proof of how beeswax orgonites works.

I repeat, beeswax orgonite CAN work but it will fail with temperature, at the time wasn’t even summer, and temperature was around 25 Celsius I think in my first tests 2 years ago.

Are we going to sleep well with an orgonite in our ambient that is prone to failure so easy?

Please, do not call this orgonite. call it with this good name, beeswaxite. or waxite. or cerite in italian.

I suspect the nice energy coming out at first with beeswaxite COULD be m-state matter naturally present in wax of bees. from flowers that bees take. and probably it does evaporate in few days or just in 1.

This guy? please. I hope he will realize to stand down from the position where it is, if instead he is an agent, well, we know it is not a point of be smart or stupid, it is a point of money. he is paid. paid to lie, paid for the job of promoting this waxite. The smoking gun? the clouduster story without tubes!

As for me? I am happy because I am always happy when I find the light of the truth. It is something that I know very well, I always feel this kind of sensation when I show up the reality to others and I am able to show the proof. or to show how to replicate. to proof my sentences..

I hope this story can serve some other people as an example, of how to threat people and experiments.
Be scientific as more as you can. Dowsing does help. then trust your feelings.

the virtual cone pendulum is considered one of the few ‘scientific’ pendulums because it doesn’t work in the mental plane but in the physical plane, due to resonance. Indeed it is called physical radiestesia.

15 thoughts on “Someone told me to not speak bad about beeswax orgonite …

  1. Carlos Silva

    Andrew, thanks for introducing us to your pendulum. I think one shouldn’t be ashamed of tooting his own horn if there is confidence in the product, which you obviously have.
    Tools like dowsing can be extremely useful, but if we only have the results of one person’s impression the conclusions remain subjective (as far as I’m concerned). Still, it’s valuable work and thank you for going through all that trouble.

    Fortunately orgonite is simple stuff or it wouldn’t have spread the way it did. You wear it, put it in your home – it feels good. You bust some towers in an ungifted neighbourhood and watch for the sky, pay attention to the general uplifting in people’s energy. Anyone can do it 😉

    I’ve had several people tell me “orgonite” makes them feel weird. I always ask them where did they get it and don’t usually get a straight answer. A few comments on my website are related to this and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them are noise intended to generate a bad association with orgonite.

    1. Andrew Post author

      Hi Carlos,
      the virtual cone pendulum is not a product of mine, it was invented many years ago by some French.
      I am experimenting a bigger one made by my self to dowse even higher harmonics, presents in some stones, ormus and some orme sand 😉

      I would add that this beeswax at first has a lot of fuel, probably just the energy of the wax put in motion. this is what probably deceive people. I’m sure most of them doesn’t ‘test’ the beeswaxite after some week…

      1. Carlos Silva

        Thank you for the explanation, Andrew.
        I generally don’t bother with the outrageous claims around orgonite – countering them became a whack-a-mole game, as I see it. Those who are new to orgonite and genuinely interested usually just want to get or make some. They are not really into the theory as much as actually trying it out.
        Glad to know there are people like you who are persistent about it, though. It’s an admirable quality.

        One time someone from Brazil left a comment on my website about how she bought 2 “orgonite” devices. One for “receiving” and one for “sending”. She complained how she felt bad, sleepy, missed work and how after 5 days she threw them away and felt better. That’s an example of what kind of punishment people can go through voluntarily when they prefer following their own or someone else’s beliefs instead of what reality is trying to tell them (shout at them?). She said she was sure “they came from a good suplier”, which I think epitomizes the cognitive dissonance feeding all the weird claims around orgonite. I’m not immune to being duped however and am glad she did get rid of the stuff.

        1. Andrew Post author

          I fount very important to use this pendulum even for checking ingredients of orgonites before pouring.
          sometimes I fount electrical/vertical phase of colours in some crystals, which is not good to put in orgonites and they needed a deep cleaning…

          1. Carlos Silva

            It’s my understandment the cured orgonite mix clears the crystals.

            From personal experience, many towerbusters and earth pipes were deployed without resorting to complex procedures and all seemed successful with positive feedback both on the personal level and on the wider level (i.e. dramatic improvements in the weather). This pattern has repeated for many people, some of which have posted on this website for years.

            Of course, one can’t talk about a “complete explanation for orgonite” without exhaustive, repeatable studies, which are the hallmark of true science. That shouldn’t keep us from finding our own personal way of dealing with it, of course.

            For example, It’s the impression of some people the energy of the person making the orgonite affects the quality of the device. As with so many other things, it has yet to be fully proven or disproven and as such I can’t attribute it any value other than I don’t personally share it. We can at least be certain the energy of a person making orgonite doesn’t influence the effectiveness of the device as far as field work is concerned, after all these years of collected data.

            There’s a lot about subtle energy we don’t understand and it’s doubtful whether we’ll ever know it in its totality. Knowing so little hasn’t kept us from doing the healing work, which is satisfying on many levels.

          2. Andrew Post author

            Probably if some electric/vertical colour is present, it does clean it by placing orgonite to the sun
            but at least once I have produced bad orgonite, I was infact very nervous so the 1st think that does make the difference is the emotional state of the maker 🙂

  2. Don Croft

    I’m glad that Andrew (Andrea uses that name here for convenience, due to the impression, outside of Italy, that his is a female name) finally posted a long report, here, because we’ve had a rich correspondence and he’s filling a need in Italy for a reliable interactive website about orgonite, which is presumably why he’s been under attack. Our best confirmation for doing good work is to be assaulted by the enemy in this way, in my opinion. Andrew is one of the rare ones in this unorganized global movement, I think you’ll also find.

    Lots of people, especially in Europe, who have tried to have orgonite forums have been bludgeoned so severely that they’ve given up the websites or else surrendered their websites to the tide of agents provocateurs and their Greek chorus of lockstep, programmed (almost always via theosophy programming) Monarch drones. I collectively call these folks, ‘NSA/Google darlings.’ Andrew has made it clear to the enemy that he stands his ground and I feel proud that he’s now contributing to our EW effort.

    The wax scam started in 2002, immediately after I first posted about busting the then-new death towers with simple orgonite. In that case, a fellow near us, in Montana, was promoting wax as a substitute for resin and was making grand claims for it, as the fellow who tried to shut Andrew down is doing. That fellow was using ordinary wax; not beeswax. Another long-running scam is to use cement. A more recent one urges the use of ‘dirt’ and also plastic pipes for cloudbusters ;-). Sugar and tree resin actually work but are so labor intensive and unstable that it’s not really practical, which is probably why some of the NSA/Google darlings promote it. I don’t think ‘nano-orgonite’ even deserves comment, since it’ s just a bit of plastic glitter in a dab of polyester resin. The latter has promoters in Europe and N America–same mystifying prattle in both cases.

    We immediately dropped the wax/metal combination near a death tower to give it a fair chance and it did nothing at all to the tower.

    In 2006 a well-meaning associate of ours who believed that beeswax was a preferable substitute, based on his own experiments, sent us a sample and we immediately put that near a death tower so that we could report back to him in an objective way. Dooney and Stevo were visiting us at the time and we dropped the thing off on our way to dinner. We retrieved it an hour later and when Carol picked it up it made her arm hurt. When she put her hand on some real orgonite the pain went away quickly. That’s at least when we realized that wax and metal, mixed together, are an orgone accumulator. Accumulator’s collect orgone whether it’s poisonous or vital, as you probably know. My sauna is an orgone accumulator but I keep a little piece of orgonite on it to keep the energy sweet.

    I sort of stumbled on a way to reduce the subjective aspect of dowsing and Carol watched my energy while I was experimenting. I’ve posted about this dozens of times but we get new readers every day so it’s worth repeating, I suppose. It was in 2002 and I needed a way to discern whether a death tower has been busted, if Carol wasn’t with me to see and feel the energy. When I pointed a Succor Punch into the palm of my left hand while dowsing with a pendulum with the right hand, she could see the energy/information traveling from the Succor Punch, up across my shoulders (bypassing the brain) and into the dowsing arm, whose muscles cause the pendulum to swing one way or the other. Without the SP in the palm, she could see the energy/info coming down into my crown chakra but getting just a bit occluded by the time it had gone through my head. I wonder if it’s even possible for anyone to get 100% clear info from dowsing when the energy has to go through the brain but dowsing is a fantastic aid for discernment, regardless. I always make it clear that any data I get from dowsing is entirely subjective, even when I’m doing my turbo-dowsing. Carol dowses just about every day and I encourage everyone to do it.

    In the early years, the CIA-sponsored website that had stupidly hosted our CB plans and my early journal reports also hosted a fellow (these poseurs always use fake names) who routinely attacked us and our work, based on his ‘dowsing results.’ This could be a case of ‘figures don’t lie, but liars can figure.’ I don’t think that scam works any more, due to the continuing rise in general human awareness and accountability. Dowsing is valuable in spite of that CIA creep’s vigorous and well-promoted blackwashing.

    1. Andrew Post author

      Thanks Don!
      Thanks for remembering me this power wand turbo dowsing, I need to make a power wand and I saw your youtube video about it, I always thought it to be a small device, I will look to find a copper tube like that as soon as I will be back from holidays 🙂

      I only have a couple of SP and I tried to use them in the past a couple of time for the turbo dowsing but I haven’t experienced enough to say anything.

  3. Edward

    Thank you Andrew, this post will stop me and many others im sure from trying to reinvent the wheel with beeswax. I have often wondered how it could work, pondered on it even. Now i know there is no point in trying, unless i want an easy way to make an orgone accumulator. which right now, i dont. So thank you again for this post!

    1. Jeff Miller

      “but at least once I have produced bad orgonite, I was infact very nervous so the 1st think that does make the difference is the emotional state of the maker”.

      From my perspective this is incorrect. It’s a simple device – it works or it doesn’t. Wax’s efficacy or lack thereof in the context of assembling such a device is connected to its “waxness”, not the emotional state of the person who made something out of it.

      And a simple device comprised of metal shavings, resin, and a crystal is, just as surely, not impacted by the emotional state of the person assembling it.

      There aren’t many ways to criticize Orgonite, but artificially complicating it is certainly one of them.

      Weaving the “emotional state” suggestion in after tabling the lucid “watch out for wax disinformation” line of reasoning is adroit.

      1. Andrew Post author

        Hi Jeff,
        You’re right, I cannot be sure if it was due to my nervousness, it was just the only time I had orgonite with a vibe that I did not like.
        and I did a lot in these years, especially around 2015 I was doing about 2 or 5 liters every weekend and I gifted almost all of them, radio towers, castles, rivers, 1 lake and 1 mountain…

        it wasn’t my aim to complicate things in this post!
        my apologies for that sentence!

  4. Tom

    So I’ve been told that beeswax doesn’t work because there isn’t enough electrostriction on the crystal compared to traditional resins.

    I found some material suggesting to use a binder clip on the crystal in order to provide enough pressure to create the piezoelectric effect.

    I’ve made a few and will be experimenting with them in a test group and control group of seed trays. Wondering if anyone else has had results with this binder clip method. I’ll

    1. Carlos Silva

      Tom, even though orgonite (a mix of metal shavings and catalized resin) improves with the use of a crystal, it works without it as well. Feel free to experiment though, and let us know your findings.

  5. Andrew Post author

    I also think that polyester/epoxy resin is better than any wax because it does CRYSTALLIZE while wax does not.
    so even simple resin is like a crystal.
    would be nice to have more tools to analyze this, the geometry of it etc… and how to use cymatics then to program resin to have more specific output of orgone.


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