Key-rings sale for foundraising

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Hi I am doing a quick found rising for a mission in the summer of 2018. Any contribution  and support for readers in orgonite and especially a bit cash would be greatly appreaciated.

I can offer in exchange my hand made model of orgonite hearth key rings. They are a micro orgonite  pendant that can be used a keyring or attached to a necklace or to a bag, they contain rose quarts, and alluminium and brass, include inside a ladybug.

Thanks you


2 thoughts on “Key-rings sale for foundraising

  1. Don Croft

    Well done, Sylvio! I can attest that your campaigns are quite productive and that you seem to have a gift for discovering the enemy’s more occult targets, which abound in Italy. Anyone who buys a pendant from you will vicariously undermine The Old Parasite, guaranteed, and will also own a bit of stylish Milanese craftsmanship.

  2. silvio nocerino

    Thank you, and free Italian Lira coin of your choice until they last
    5 Lire 1954 to 1956, with dolphin
    10 Lire 1956 and also ’70, wheat
    100 Lire
    various cents from the monarchy period

    also available dracmas, francs,


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